Karlie was so excited about her recent engagement she showed screenshots of how her friends reacted. Princess Beatrice’s Instagram handle was included in her image

Being a member of the royal family can be hard. Your life is always under the microscope and there barely seems to be a moment that can be kept quiet and personal. For Princess Beatrice, who is eighth in line to the throne, you would think some of the pressure would be off her when it comes to public scrutiny. However, this isn’t always the case, especially since her sister is getting married soon and royal watchers are currently turned firmly towards her family.

So, for Princess Beatrice to have her own private Instagram account seems like a pretty good idea. She can keep in touch with her close friends and not have the world scrutinize her every move via her images posted there. However, it seems one of her friends, Karlie Kloss, may have just revealed Princess Beatrice’s secret Instagram account to the world after she couldn’t contain her excitement with her own recent engagement.

According to E! Online, Karlie Kloss announced her engagement to Joshua Kushner via social media and then took to her Instagram account to express her gratitude at the outpouring of positive emotion she was receiving in response to her new status.

“My phone is blowing up with the sweetest messages from loved ones,” Karlie Kloss said.

Kloss also revealed, via her Instagram story, screen captures of some of the people she had to FaceTime in order to share the news. In addition to her mom, her sister, and grandma (who is still learning how to use FaceTime correctly), Karlie also shared screenshots of the reactions about her recent engagement news from the likes of Serena Williams and Princess Beatrice.

And it is this image with Princess Beatrice, a long-time friend of Karlie’s, that has revealed Beatrice’s secret Instagram account.

Karlie Kloss posted the image to her Instagram account to show just how excited Princess Beatrice was about the news of her friend’s engagement. But the image also contained the handle for Beatrice’s own Instagram account, @BeaYork.

Now, before everyone gets super excited and heads on over to Instagram to stalk Princess Beatrice, this account is private, so no images can be seen. In addition, Beatrice only has 651 allowed followers, so it is likely the princess is pretty selective about who she allows to see the images on her account.

Needless to say, with a social media faux pas like this, Princess Beatrice is now likely guaranteed a seat at Karlie’s upcoming wedding.

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