Could Kendall Jenner’s relationships with Ben Simmons and Anwar Hadid cost her some of her friends?! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details on what we’ve been hearing!

Kendall Jenner shocked fans when they discovered that she isn’t only dating Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons, 21. She’s also seeing Anwar Hadid the brother of Bella, 21, and Gigi Hadid, 23! This love triangle begs a lot of questions, namely who is going to get hurt first, if they haven’t already! Also, are Bella and Gigi okay with her making out with their brother?! Well, thanks to our insiders, we finally got some answers! “Kendall is a free spirit and has no intention of settling down with just one man and getting married for a very long time yet,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Whenever Kendall starts dating someone new she always makes it clear that she’s not looking for anything super serious, and that she’s not interested in a committed and monogamous relationship, so guys always know upfront what her intentions are.”

The source added that, frankly, she’s liking both of these guys and has no interest in choosing between them! “She’s super into Ben right now, she thinks he’s really hot, and he always makes her laugh, but then she also really digs Anwar, who she’s known for years through Gigi and Bella,” they said. “Ben and Anwar both know that Kendall only wants a casual relationship, and to just have fun right now, so it’s not like she’s being duplicitous or hiding anything.”

However, some of her most important friendships could definitely be tested by this arrangement! “It’s a much more complicated situation with Anwar though, and Kendall needs to be careful—Anwar is only 18, and he’s always had this mega crush on Kendall, so there’s a danger of him really falling in love and getting his heart broken—if that happens it could cause some serious problems between her, Bella and Gigi. Kendall is playing with fire by dating Anwar, but she doesn’t care, she’s young, beautiful, and free, and she’s going to enjoy her life as much as possible, while she can.” Let’s hope Anwar knows what he’s getting himself into!

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