The Kylie Jenner pregnancy speculation was pretty time-consuming for the pop-culture aficionados of the world. It really was a lot to "keep up" with, but she managed to have a private pregnancy on her own terms. Older sister Kim Kardashian even declares Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was "the best kept secret of our generation" during an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

A KUWTK clip of Kim marveling at Kylie’s secretive pregnancy was released by E!, and it’s just so interesting to see what was really happening behind scenes while their fans all over the world were speculating about whether or not Kylie was actually pregnant.

During an on-camera interview with Kylie by her side, Kim tells Kylie, "Your pregnancy has been the best kept secret of our generation." Even so, Kylie insists, "Like, I’m not trying to keep a secret, I’m really doing this for myself." No matter what Kylie’s intentions were, it’s still amazing that someone so popular was able to have so much privacy for months.

Kim says, "Your friends deserve awards." They really do, though. Not one photo or video leaked of Kylie’s baby bump when they attended her baby shower or hung out with her throughout the pregnancy.

Kim even declares, "Cause seriously, now you know you have some real ones ’cause that never would’ve happened in my day." It actually is pretty amazing. She does have a loyal inner circle.

There was so many pregnancy conspiracy theories, but zero confirmation until Kylie and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi Webster was born in February 2018. Kylie posted a tear-inducing video documenting her pregnancy, which showed her hanging out with close friends and family members. Somehow, zero photos or videos were leaked before Kylie and Scott were ready to share the baby news themselves. That is unreal.

No one "knew" for certain if she was pregnant for sure, but almost everyone assumed she was. Still, at the same time, it ended up being so shocking when Kylie released that video because of the long-running suspense.

There were even rumors that Kylie was actually the surrogate for Kim and Kanye West’s third child. It was tough to figure out what to make of the rumors and it’s a testament to Kylie that she has such great friends that no one confirmed the pregnancy with the public.

In another scene from the episode preview, Kim tells Khloé Kardashian, "The funnest game ever is the Kylie pregnancy game." Considering that pretty much every family member was asked about this for months, it had to be somewhat amusing being coy with the media. When Khloé asks "Why?" Kim admits, "Just to see what people think." Kim even recalled having a brief moment of panic when photos of Kylie surfaced on TMZ, but the secret still wasn’t fully out.

Kylie essentially grew up in front of cameras thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Yes, the reality TV show and her social media presence have a great deal to do with her success as a CEO, but it makes sense that she would want to have this one part of her life remain personal and private to protect her family.

Is it the "best kept secret of our generation"? Yes and no. There was so much talk about the possibility of a pregnancy, but no one verified the news until after Stormi was born.

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