Who knew Keely first? That’s the question everyone was asking after the April 16 episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’. Thankfully, Keely explained the situation EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife!

Keely “The Boss” Hill made waves on the April 16 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as she got acquainted with some of the other cast members. During the episode, Keely was seen hanging out with Shooter Gates at a comedy club roast for their mutual friend, Yung Joc. Keely upsets Tokyo Vanity and Karlie Redd when she not only slams Shooter’s wife, Sierra Gates, for not supporting him after his son died, but also reveals that she’s set Shooter up with one of her friends. When Tokyo and Karlie bring this info to Sierra, she’s extremely confused because she thought that Keely was her girl. Well, obviously not.

“Shooter is family,” Keely told HollywoodLife in our EXCLUSIVE chat before the episode aired, explaining that she knows the rapper through her longtime friend, Rocko. “Shooter and Rocko actually grew up together. They are both from Atlanta and they both ran in the same circles when they were younger and I was introduced to him originally back in 2016 right before I was signed for season six and didn’t even realize he was on the show until later on. And then I met Sierra later on after we became signed on the show and we were introduced through a person in the industry that knew us both and connected us because we were both gonna be on the show.”

Keely also explained how she knows Dej Gabrielle, the girl she set Shooter up with. “I introduced Shooter and Dej and she and I have known each other for over 10 years,” Keely told HollywoodLife. “I actually used to manage her mother when I was living in New York and working at Def Jam.”

So, there you have it — straight from Keely herself! Stay tuned to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on Mondays at 8pm on Vh1 to follow all of the drama as it continues to unfold.

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