Treanu makes an excellent Hero card for multiplayer ‘Lightseekers’ games.

Treanu is one of five exclusive Lightseekers cards featured in the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck. This rare Hero card allows you to play all three elements within the Nature Order: Animal, Forest, and Soul. Because the Forest element has a gold circle around it, Treanu allows you to play up to two Forest Action Cards a turn. Players who select Treanu as their Hero begin the game with 30 life, but it’s Treanu’s ability which makes it such a powerful Lightseekers card.

Treanu’s ability allows you to “Draw 2 cards. Your target heals for 3.” Any experienced card gamer can tell you that card advantage will win you a game. Typically you’re only able two draw two cards a turn in Lightseekers without controlling a Buff or playing an Action Card that says otherwise. Trading one of your turn’s two action points to use Treanu’s ability will allow you to draw three cards a turn instead of two. The trade-off is that your opponent will heal for three life.

Treanu’s drawback isn’t as bad as it seems, especially at the beginning of a game or when playing with cards which revolve around life totals. Because the maximum amount of health a player can have in Lightseekers is 35, Treanu’s ability has no downside when your opponent’s life total is already maxed out. That means you can spend the first several turns of a game activating Treanu’s ability with little to no consequence other than the four to five life your opponent will gain depending on their Hero card’s starting life total. That’s important, allowing you to dig through your deck for the Buffs and Combo Cards that make your deck’s strategy go off.

In the mid to late game Treanu’s ability is a lot less powerful because it’ll be working against your goal of reducing your opponent’s life total to zero. There are several cards which we can use to mitigate this drawback though, and there will be more as the game grows. For example, Spirit Channeler allows you to “Heal for 2 when your target heals for 1 or more.” With a Spirit Channeler in play you’ll gain two life each time you activate Treanu’s ability, which can significantly add up over the course of just a few turns.

Another example is when playing with cards which refer to your opponent’s life total such as Umbron Thief. Because Treanu’s ability will keep your rival’s life high, you’ll have a greater chance of using the card’s conditional text. One card which really shines in particular with Treanu though is Kreebal Potion Master. That’s because Kreebal Potion Master reduces the amount that your adversary can heal for. For the first two corners your opponent won’t gain any life when you activate Treanu, and on corners three and four they’ll only gain one life.

Where Treanu really shines though is in multiplayer. That’s because Treanu’s ability adds a political element which can help forge an ally at the table. If you choose to heal the same player turn after turn, they’ll be less likely to choose to attack you. You’ll have one less threat to worry about while you dig deeper into your deck and hopefully win through an overwhelming amount of card advantage.

Overall, Treanu is a fantastic Hero card if you tailor your deck’s strategy to circumvent Treanu’s weaknesses and a must-have for multiplayer. Treanu makes a compelling reason to pick up the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck, or at least trade with someone else who has.

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