An unsuspecting locksmith was confronted with mounds of poo bulging from a toilet after unluckily forcing his way into a rented property on a baking hot day.

Rio Beardmore said he got bitten on the face by one of the insects swarming around the excrement – and was convinced "something" else was living in the filthy property.

The 48-year-old had been asked to break into the Stoke-on-Trent home – understood to have been taken over by drug-using squatters – by the owner after the occupiers refused to answer the door.

There was so much poo overflowing from the toilet it had spilled out onto the floor over clothing and carpet, with much of it on the bowl having set hard.

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Mr Beardmore was also met by a young police officer at the property and tricked him into having a look in the toilet.

"It stank – and I got bitten on the face by a bug. There must be something living in there," he told StokeonTrentLive.

"I've been doing this job for years – I thought I'd seen it all. It was the worst. The room was covered in s***.

"It was a baking hot day, around six months ago."

He went on to say: "This young copper walked into the house and asked if everything was secure. I said: 'There's something you need to check in the bathroom'.

"He walked in and shouted: 'You b******!'."

The squatters were eventually kicked out and the locks were changed, with the stomach-turning image echoing an infamous scene in the 1996 film 'Trainspotting'.

Ewan McGregor's heroin-addicted character Renton takes a dive into 'the worst toilet in Scotland' to recover some suppositories – with disgusting results.

Earlier this month, a woman appeared in court after abandoning her two children in a flat strewn with animal faeces.

Leesa McKay left the youngsters, who cannot be named for legal reasons, unsupervised in the fly-infested property with no cooker, fridge or clean clothes to wear from July 12 to July 13 last year.

Animal urine soaked the beds and faeces covered the living room floor of a three-bedroom flat where three dogs, three cats, a lizard and two birds also lived.

The 40-year-old was caught when she called Police Scotland to talk about another matter.

She was not in when they arrived at the door of her home in Paisley.

And with the smell leaving the officers retching they decided to enter the home and explore the squalid conditions.

The details emerged when McKay appeared in the dock at Paisley Sheriff Court to admit her guilt over her actions.

She had been facing two charges under the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1967.

But she struck a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to one charge in exchange for the other being dropped.

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