Yes, Beyonce is an ‘American Idol’ fan! Katy Perry revealed the epic news to reporters, including HL, after the May 6 show. Luke Bryan could barely contain his excitement over Queen Bey watching him on the revival!

While former American Idol judges haven’t reached out to Katy Perry, 33, Lionel Richie, 68, and Luke Bryan, 41, about the revival, Beyonce, 36, has given her blessing. “I went to Beyonce’s show, and I saw her afterwards at Coachella, and she was like, ‘Love you on the show,’ and I was like, ‘What?! You have time to watch?!’” Katy told HollywoodLife and other reporters after the top 5 reveal on May 6. Luke, being a total Bey fanboy like the rest of us, asked Katy whether or not Beyonce saw him. “I think she knows that you exist!” Katy quipped.

Katy also noted that Beyonce said to her, “Looks like you all are having fun.” Lionel, getting in on the fun, said, “Luke, she saw you. She saw you.” At this point, Luke is living in pure Beyonce bliss. “Let me embrace this. I still can’t embrace it,” he gushed. Embrace all you want, Luke! When Beyonce watches your show, you know you’re doing something good.

The American Idol revival will be returning for a second season. For the judges, it wasn’t difficult for them to say “yes” to the show again. “They said come back for the second season, and we were like, ‘Yeah!’ You know what it was, though, it was the camaraderie. Now that we know what we are doing then of course we wanted to come back for a second season,” Luke said after the show. America narrowed it down to season 16’s top 5 finalists: Maddie Poppe, 20, Gabby Barrett, 18, Cade Foehner, 21, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, 19, and Michael J. Woodard, 20. There’s only 3 episodes left until the grand finale! American Idol season 16 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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