Mac Miller’s ‘Swimming’ has fans swooning. So, uh…thanks, Ariana Grande? Fans credit the breakup — and her breaking his heart — for inspiring Mac to make what they think is the ‘album of the year.’

“I hate to say this but I’m glad Ariana [Grande] and Mac Miller broke up. This #swimming album is so good!” That was the sentiment @coachgunner7 shared with the world on Aug. 3, soon after Mac Miller, 26, released his brand new album, Swimming. Mac’s record comes nearly three months after his split with Ariana, 25, and fans pretty much assumed that the “spiritual” power of Swimming was due to the depression and heartbreak stemming from the breakup.

“Ariana Grande broke up with Mac Miller homie dropped album of the year.. Remember when Big Sean dropped he’s best work after break up with Ariana lol,” @ProTwoolz tweeted. “I’m feeling this Mac Miller album on a spiritual level,” said @Karinacology. “Mac Miller is Amazing so far,” @MooshAndTwist added. “I’m 3 tracks in. Mac is so underrated it’s not even funny.” Did you imagine, that in 2018, anyone would be saying that Mac Miller was “underrated?” That is the power of Swimming.

“Out of all the projects dropped the only one I’m f*ckin w/ lyrically, conceptually, or beat wise is Mac Miller & I DONT EVEN LISTEN TO HIM LIKE THAT!!! But I already knew his shit was going to be fire lowkey just cause of what he’s been going thru this year w/ ariana ….,” @Pheelaah tweeted, bringing up his arrest for DUI (and how Ariana blamed Mac for his “inability to keep his sh*t together” for the breakup.)“Naw but foreal f*ck all y’all who clowned Mac Miller for getting in that car accident and saying his life was over after the Ariana break up. My man bounced back and put out one of the best albums to drop this year,” cheered @Emmuel_Reyes.

Even Pitchfork seemed to credit Ariana when giving Mac’s new album a 7.5 out of 10.0 (which does equal a C+, indicating that Pitchfork didn’t fall for it as hard as Mac’s fans did.) “When Ariana Grande left Mac Miller this spring, he lost a relationship, a collaborator, and muse. Miller’s 2016 effort The Divine Feminine was recorded closely with Grande and doubled as a love letter to the woman he’d hitched his star to…An album with nothing but time on its hands and an understanding that healing is a slow, tedious process, Swimming is most engaging when it details the simple things Miller tells himself to keep his spirits up.”

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