It was a twist that shocked the nation and has lived on in pop culture infamy ever since.

Now, the moment Golden Balls contestant Sarah double-crossed Stephen and took home all the prize money has been immortalised in tattoo form as well.

Jack Chapman, 26, got monochrome tattoos of these absolute scenes on the backs of his legs with the help of tattoo artist Will Bishop.

One tattoo is a drawing of contestant Stephen the moment he agreed to Split the show’s prize money with Sarah, who’s tattooed on Jack’s other leg.

Meanwhile, the tat of Sarah shows her revealing her intention to Steal the money for herself

For anyone who doesn’t know, Golden Balls contestants would have to decide whether they wanted to Steal or Split their prize money in the end.

If they both picked Split, then their money would be halved. If they both picked Steal, then no one would get any money. If one person picked Steal and the other Split, then the stealer would make off with every penny.

Sarah famously made Stephen promise that he wouldn’t steal the money only to prove herself the architect of one of the greatest twists in game show history when she stole the whole £100,150 at the 11th hour.

Will, co-owner of Glasgow’s Own Agenda Tattoo tells ‘I first saw the image that captured the iconic television moment as a meme online.

‘I thought it was brilliant and it reminded me of how good the show was. I posted the design up on Instagram to see if there were any takers to have it done as a tattoo.

‘I wasn’t sure if anyone would go for it but had my fingers crossed. That’s when Jack got in touch, we were both excited to go ahead with it.

‘Most of my work is black and grey realism and portraits so I was really looking forward to it.’

When asked if he has any other legendary pop culture moments in mind for future pieces, Will says: ‘I’d love to do more so who knows what could be next.’

Jack says the ink cost £100 in total, and it even has Stephen’s blessing.

He tells us: ‘I saw [the design] within minutes of him posting it and was just like, “I HAVE to get that.”

‘It’s just such an iconic moment from the show and I think everyone at the time remembers how brutal it was.’

When it comes to what his family and friends think of the ink, he says: ‘Most of my friends think the tattoos are hilarious and really funny, but I’m still yet to really gauge the response from my family.

‘I think the fact they haven’t said anything says it all really.’

Ex-Golden Balls contestant Stephen Bushnall, 47, who now lives in Hartlepool and works for the Routes to Work employment help project, tells us: ‘I found out about Jack’s tattoo through a couple of friends sending me a link to the photos. At first we all thought it must be fake.

‘I then started to dig a bit online and found Jack’s Instagram account. I then posted a message to him.’

Stephen’s comments to Jack on Instagram were pretty supportive, with one reading ‘Respect to you. I’m so overwhelmed at this.’ with the clapping hands emoji.

Jack, who’s no stranger to getting inked, says he’s planning on getting more tattoos before the year is out, adding: ‘Hopefully I will be able to get booked in with William at Own Agenda again in the new year.

‘Covid has made 2020 a pretty rough year, so I like booking tattoos as something to look forward to.

‘It’s been really great to see the reaction online on Twitter and Instagram and the fact that Stephen (the man from THAT MOMENT) has seen it and gave it his blessing is geuinely hilarious.

‘I actually caught up with him over Zoom last night and had a really funny conversation with him, so hopefully will be able to have a pint with him and show him the tattoo in real life, whenever corona goes away!’

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