Man is blasted for having ‘no basic human decency’ after smoking next to a pregnant woman at a concert – and telling HER to leave when her husband complained

  • Concert goer revealed he refused to stop smoking next to a pregnant woman 
  • Slammed online as people said not smoking would be ‘basic human decency’
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An anonymous music enthusiast was slammed after admitting he smoked next to a pregnant woman at a concert over the weekend. 

The anonymous poster, from the US, shared on Reddit’s Am I the A******? that he started smoking marijuana during a band’s show, and refused to put it out when the couple next to him, who were pregnant, asked him to stop. 

He revealed that he told the couple they could leave the show if they weren’t happy after the woman’s husband complained to him.

After his own roommates called him out for smoking next to a pregnant woman, the man shared his story online. 

People highlighted how dangerous second-hand smoke can be to non-smokers, as some added that not smoking next to a pregnant woman is ‘basic human decency.’ 

An anonymous man, from the US, shared on Reddit’s Am I the A******? that he smoked next to a pregnant woman at a concert and refused to put it out when the couple asked him to stop (stock image) 

The concertgoer explained that the band he was seeing has a strong drug culture associated with their music. 

He added that he was sat next to a pregnant couple and made small talk with them as they waited for the concert to start.  

Without revealing whether the concert was taking place in an outdoor or indoor venue, the man added that he decided to smoke within 10 minutes of the show starting. 

The pregnant woman’s husband rapidly asked him to put the smoke out, but the concertgoer replied that the couple could leave if they were unhappy. 

‘He tried to cause a scene but nothing happened since I just ignored them both and danced,’ the man added. 

However, after going back home and telling the story to his housemate, the smoker was slammed for his behavior, and for smoking next to a pregnant woman.  

And he was further criticized after sharing the story online. 

‘You shouldn’t be smoking in your seat like that. People do it all the time and guess what? They’re a******* just like you,’ one said.  

The man revealed he told the couple they could leave if they didn’t like it, and continued smoking in spite of their repeated requests 

‘Imagine sharing your cancer puffs with a non consenting pregnant woman and asking if you’re an a******? yes duh,’ another replied. 

‘Smoking indoors in 99 per cent of public places is illegal anyways regardless of the “drug scene” associated with a band or artist,’ another commented. 

‘People like this make it basically impossible to enjoy a concert without being a blubbery snotty sneezing mess. Smoking a joint in your seat at a concert should be as socially unacceptable as smoking a cigarette,’ another said. 

‘I don’t care what kind of scene a band has, take it outside and be respectful of the people around you,’ one said. ‘Why should someone else leave because of something you are doing? She has just as much right to be there as you do,’ they added. 

People all slammed the man for continuing to smoke next to a pregnant woman, and said he shouldn’t have exposed non-smokers to his habit 

‘You are the a****** many times over,’ one said. ‘For smoking indoors, for smoking in a crowd none of whom consented to your gross smoke, for exposing the woman to the smoke and the weed (x2 for the unborn baby) and for having the gall to suggest they should leave when you are the one breaking the rules,’ they went on. 

‘It’s not even just ~preference~ or whatever, I have very severe asthma and secondhand smoke of any kind could close up my airways and kill me. I’ve been hospitalized multiple times by selfish people like you. You aren’t more important,’ another said. 

‘I’m a stoner and would never force someone to inhale my substances, especially it their pregnant,’ another smoker said. 

‘Smoke; even secondhand smoke is extremely harmful for a developing fetus. Not smoking near a pregnant woman is basic human decency,’ one said. 

‘Yes, the couple “chose” to go to the concert. How is that even relevant here? We live in a society. We still have some moral obligations to comply with,’ one wrote. 

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