For many people, a proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event. But for John Nicotera, 33, and Erica Pendrak, 26, it’s a once-in-about-90-lifetimes event.

That’s because John waited to propose under the Neowise comment viewable by the human eye in the Northern Hemisphere, which only happens once every 6,800 years.

John and Erica, who both live in New York, have been dating for around two years, and both are big into historical events and space phenomenons.

John initially told Erica about Neowise’s appearance, which is extremely rare in their part of the world and even rarer seen without a telescope, and the pair decided to head to John’s family’s camp in Old Forge, New York state, to watch it.

But when they did sight the astronomical wonder, Erica was surprised to see John get down on one knee, all captured by their friend on camera.

There were originally plans to make the proposal happen in Oregon, but things were changed when COVID-19 hit.

‘I’ve been very bummed because I was going to do it a Crater Lake and it was going to awesome,’ he told CNN.

‘This could be our engagement,’ he said upon his realisation that it could be done in New York to the view of Neowise. ‘This is not going to happen in our lifetime or five generations’ lifetimes.’

His friend Tim Leach was there with his girlfriend when the plan came to fruition, with John giving him a head’s up that he was about to propose on the next picture he took so Tim could get the perfect shot.

‘Every single star was out … it was too special to let it go,’ said John.

‘Tim froze time for us so we could live this moment forever. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.’

What a story to tell the great-great-great-great grandkids.

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