A ‘hack’ on how to use your dishwasher swept TikTok this week, but the hopes of its effectiveness have been dashed just as quickly as they came.

TikToker Scott Jeffreys shared a video where he put a dishwasher tablet into the smaller compartment in the drawer rather than the larger one you’d normally pop it in.

Captioned ‘Who knew? I’ve been doing it wrong forever,’ the video showed Scott putting the tablet into the separate slot and it fitting perfectly.

Followers were stunned by the tip, with one even saying they’d been ‘living a lie’.

Another added: ‘Ohhh that’s why mine’s never dissolved properly.’

We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but sadly it’s not true at all.


News.au spoke to Appliances Online’s Colin Jones, who told them that – although not harmful to the machine – this ‘hack’ could result in dirtier dishes.

‘While the placement of the tablet won’t necessarily have an impact on your dishwasher, it could impact the cleaning results,’ he said.

‘Older dishwashers, around five years and over, weren’t designed for 3 in 1 tablets. In older dishwashing machines, there tended to be three sections for dispensing, which is highlighted in this dishwasher in the video, including a smaller vented pre-wash compartment, the compartment for the main wash and a rinse aid compartment.

‘The smaller section in this dishwasher in the video is a pre-wash compartment.’

Scott himself had to deal with the many notifications he was getting as people argued about the technique in the comments, and eventually conceded, saying: ‘I know, I realised about 300,000 views ago. It’s gone crackers.’

If you’re finding your dishwasher isn’t working as well as you’d expect, you can run a hot cycle with just a cup of white vinegar in the top shelf to give it a good clean.

Some also find putting the tablet in the bottom of the machine rather than in the detergent compartment works well for them.

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