TV finance Guru Martin Lewis is no stranger to giving cash-saving advice.

Lewis has crafted a name for himself for his advice and regularly appears on daytime TV to share his wisdom.

The money saving expert has his own show on ITV every Thursday telling viewers how to best balance their budgets.

On This Morning this week, he was asked by one woman about her rights having been left with nothing when a holiday was cancelled.

She said she went for her refund through chargeback, but after two months, had not received a penny from Monzo, Birmingham Live reports.

Martin responded with a keen insight.

He said: "I can tell you what your rights are, but if someone is just slow to process it's very difficult to force that forwards.

"If you have put in a formal complaint, and you feel it hasn't been dealt with, you could technically take them to the Financial Ombudsman.”

According to the expert, using that word could cause banks to take your situation seriously.

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He added: “But I would just get back in touch with them and say: 'This isn't good enough. Please can you hurry it up… I don't want to have to take you to the Ombudsman.'"

Banks are charged a £650 case fee for almost all of the complaints people file against them there, Martin said.

“It’s a good incentive”, the founder of went on.

It comes as the finance guru revealed how you can get £140 from the government to help pay your bills.

Giving his top winter wallet-boosting tips, Martin revealed how some are eligible for the Warm Home Discount.

He said: “This is £140 credit that goes towards your energy bill.

"It's automatic if you receive a guaranteed element of pension credit but if you are on certain benefits (income support, jobseekers, and some people on universal credit) you will need to apply to your energy firm to get it."

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