MCDONALD’S will now deliver food to your car so you can skip the drive-thru queue.

The fast food chain has seen trialling "click and serve" in a small number of restaurants but today it said all drive-thru locations will be offering by the end of next week.

The new car service lets customers make their order on the free McDonald's app from home, drive to the restaurant, wait in the car park and then have the food delivered to their window.

Motorists will be signposted to special parking bays when they arrive and you then add the bay number to the order when you pay.

The idea is to save diners time waiting around in long drive-thru queues.

Staff will be wearing face coverings and orders will be delivered in takeaway bags on a try to minimise any contact.

McDonald's says the service is a nostalgic nod to when the fast food giant launched its first-ever restaurant in San Bernardino, Calfornia the 1940s.

The eatery brought in a carhop servicing and delivered orders direct to cars.

When McDonald's first reopened drive-thrus after coronavirus lockdown, some fans had to wait up to three hours in a queue.

The service is McDonald's is free, so it won't cost you extra to order food from your car.

Customers are being advised to use the McDonald's restaurant locator to check what their local is doing, as well as the latest opening times.

Earlier this week, McDonald's outlined rules for its restaurants every tier.

The fast food chain is set to close early on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

On the McDonald's festive menu this year is a double Big Mac.

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