Melania Trump is finding Donald Trump’s recent behavior totally bizarre. A source close to the first lady told HL EXCLUSIVELY that his recent tweets have proven to be especially worries to her.

Melania Trump is feeling really uneasy about Donald Trump‘s latest, vitriolic tweet about Iran. A source close to Melania told us EXCLUSIVELY how the first lady reacted to the threatening message he sent to Iranian President Rouhani. “Melania knows better than to try and tell Donald to do anything, so she gave up advising him ages ago to be more restrained about what, and when, he tweets, but Melania is definitely concerned about some of his recent tweets,” our source told us. “As Donald’s presidency continues, his behavior appears to be becoming more and more bizarre, and Melania is aware that is reflected in his tweets.”

When it comes down to it, she doesn’t think his tweeting in particular has been very “presidential”. “It is one thing for him to try and brush off news reports of what he has said behind closed doors as ‘fake news’, but when he has written things himself on Twitter it is there in black and white for the whole world to see, and quite frankly, often times, it comes across as unhinged, and most definitely not as presidential behavior,” our source went on to say.

Deep down, Melania thinks that Donald’s anger is the cause of all this controversy. “Melania has told Donald before that he is his own worst enemy, and that he allows his temper to get the worst of him,” our source added. “And that’s all to evident when it comes to his Twitter feed.” We’ll keep you posted on any of the latest tweets Donald sends out and Melania’s reaction to them.

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