The revelation comes just days after Trump’s hush money payments to cover up alleged affairs dominated the news.

A story about Donald Trump’s alleged love child could soon be out, and Melania is reportedly not handling it well.

On Friday, a former doorman for the Trump World Tower announced that he was freed from a contract that forbid him from speaking publicly about his claims that Donald secretly fathered a child during an affair with a housekeeper. Though the details have not yet been released, Hollywood Life reported that the first lady is filled with embarrassment over the allegations.

The story that Trump may have fathered a secret child first leaked out several weeks ago, when former Trump company doorman Dino Sajudin confirmed that he had a contract with National Enquirer parent company American Media Inc. to keep quiet about his allegations. This week, reports indicated that AMI head and longtime Trump friend David Pecker had a deal for immunity about payouts to keep damaging Trump stories from being released, and Sajudin is now out of his deal, NY Magazine reported.

While there seems to be heavy doubts about whether the love child story is legitimate, a source told Hollywood Life that Melania is still reeling from the string of embarrassing revelations.

“It seems that every day, there’s a sordid new revelation or allegation involving Donald, and it doesn’t look likely to stop anytime soon,” the source told the celebrity news outlet.

The source said that Donald denies everything, but that Melania doesn’t believe him.

Still, it comes at a difficult time for the couple. Just days before, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to charges that he committed campaign finance violations by giving hush money to two women claiming they had affairs with Trump in the months after Melania gave birth to their son.

“Melania finds all of these alleged affairs and pay-offs extremely embarrassing, but more than that, they’re humiliating, and she knows that there’s only more to come in the future,” the source said. “Melania’s main priority has always been Barron though. She’s always put his well-being ahead of hers.”

While there have been some speculative reports that Melania Trump may be planning to divorce Donald, the source told Hollywood Life that son Barron remains her top priority and she has no plans to split up the family. For his part, Donald Trump has consistently denied that he had affairs with either woman, and has not spoken publicly about the allegations of a secret love child.

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