Melania Trump is having a difficult time adjusting to her role as America’s First Lady and it hasn’t been as enjoyable as she wishes it was. Is she getting ready to leave Donald Trump and the White House behind?

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Melania Trump, 48, and her role as the First Lady. The wife of President Donald Trump, 71, is reportedly having a much harder time dealing with the spotlight and her duties in the White House than she thought she would. After recently meeting with French First Lady Brigitte Macron, , Melania spoke with her about her current time in politics and Brigitte later expressed her thoughts about how she feels Melania is much more constrained than she is in her prestigious role. “Melania immediately clicked with Brigitte, and they talked a lot about the difficulties that come along with being married to a president,” a source close to Melania EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Life as a first lady is so much tougher than Melania imagined it would be, and sometimes she feels suffocated by all the micro managing and rules. Melania is hyper aware that her every move is analysed when out in public, and it’s exhausting, to say the least.”

As exhausting as it may be, it seems Melania is the type of person who finishes what she starts and has no current intentions to step down in her marriage or her political role. “Melania has no intention of quitting her marriage, that’s not who she is, when she commits to something she sees it through to the end, no matter how difficult or trying things may be,” the source continued.

Despite Melania’s loyalty, things between her and the Donald have seemed pretty awkwardly intense lately! The current commander-in-chief recently revealed in an interview that he bought Melania a card and flowers for her birthday but didn’t get much else since he’s too busy to be out looking for presents. He was slammed on Twitter hardcore for not putting in more effort for his wife’s birthday, which is one more issue to add to the long list of reasons there’s so much speculation that things are not the greatest between the two.

Here’s to hoping things get better for Melania soon!

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