A 14-year-old boy is still waiting for a place at a secondary school some six weeks into the year.

Callum Brock should be almost a half term into his GCSE studies but is instead in limbo on a waiting list.

Officials in Oxfordshire are still scrambling to find him a place at school , as the first half-term approaches.

His mum Tracie Puiu-Brock, said she is "disgusted" by the long delay.

"He's missed out on the beginning of his GCSE learning.

"He's missing out. I just want him to get in anywhere, I just want them to get him into school," furious Tracie said.

The mum-of-five moved from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, to Bicester, Oxfordshire, in the summer to be closer to relatives.

Oxfordshire County Council, which has no overall political control, has found school places for her four youngest kids.

Tracie added: "There was a meeting to see if schools can go over their limits to fit him in, but I haven't heard anything since."

The academic year started on September 3.

And Tracie emailed the authority recently to express her anger.

She wrote: "I'm disgusted with the way this is being dealt with – I feel you have forgotten about him.

"The system is letting Callum down."

All but one secondary school in Oxfordshire, Carterton Community College, are academies.

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