In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 21 episode of ‘Nashville.’ Avery wants to make amends with Gunnar since he’s started dating Gunnar’s ex. But is Gunnar game to be friends with Avery again?

Can’t you guys just work things out already for Will’s sake?! Avery (Jonathan Jackson) shows to talk to Gunnar (Sam Palladio) in our EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the episode, and Gunnar has some things to freakin’ say! “Of all the girls in Nashville, you had to pick her,” he says. Avery thought it was over between Gunnar and Alannah! “You practically told me to go ahead,” he tells Gunnar. Dude, you have to remember bro code!

Gunnar stresses that he was just trying to be nice to Avery after his latest drama with Juliette. “Friends, they don’t do that to each other,” a very emotional Gunnar says. “It is an unspoken rule.” Avery claims he thought that was only a girl thing. Oh, Avery. You just dug yourself a bigger hole. They both look to Will (Chris Carmack) for some help. “I wouldn’t have done it,” Will says. “But I wouldn’t have gotten upset if someone else had done it.”

Just when things couldn’t get any more awkward, Alannah shows up. She quickly leaves when Avery gives her a look. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Avery tells Gunnar. “I thought you were OK with it, and I was wrong, and I’m really sorry.” Gunnar doesn’t look like he’s game to forgive Avery. He’s hurt, so it’s understandable. But these guys have a band. Are they really going to let a girl ruin everything?! And let’s be honest, the second Juliette comes to her sense, Avery is going to go running back to her. Nashville season 6 airs on CMT on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. The series finale is set to air July 26. 

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