It’s happening! Everybody stay calm.

Nine years after The Office‘s two-part “Stress Relief” episode first aired, two of the show’s stars are recreating the iconic fire drill scene. During part one’s cold open, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) decides to stage a fire in the office, causing everyone one to panic. In the five-minute scene, Angela (Angela Kinsey) rushes to get her cat, who she’s hiding in a drawer by her desk. She then asks Oscar (Oscar Nunez), who is attempting to escape through the ceiling, to save her and the cat by pulling them up.

“You’re too heavy!” Oscar says.

“I only weigh 82 pounds! Save Bandit!” Angela replies, throwing her cat up into the ceiling, only to see him crash land back into the office.


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Nunez and Kinsey, who have been pals IRL for 20 years, recently got together to film a segment for Kinsey and husband Joshua Snyder‘s baking channel, Baking With Josh & Ange.

“Oscar and I have been friends for 20 years! (I know we are old.) We met years before The Office and when we found out we both got cast AND got to sit next to each other as accounts… it was just amazing!” Kinsey recently wrote on Instagram. “For 9 years he made me laugh every day.”

After posting the video, Kinsey told her social media followers, “Of course we had to recreate this scene! #savebandit New Baking with Josh and Ange: Baking and chatting about The Office with Oscar! We had so much fun! Thx Oscar for stopping by our kitchen… oh and the Flan is delicious!”

Watch the video above to see the duo recreate the iconic scene from The Office!

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