‘The Originals’ came to an end on Aug. 1 after 5 glorious seasons. The series finale was full of jaw-dropping moments that made us cry all the tears, including major deaths. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Klaus makes the ultimate sacrifice for Hope by siphoning the dark magic inside of her and transferring it to himself. The only way for the dark magic to cease forever is for Klaus to die. Klaus makes peace with his decision and spends the series finale tying up loose ends and saying goodbye to his loved ones. Klaus’s family and friends — Hope, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, Marcel, Freya, and Keelin — gather together for his funeral. “Though I may be leaving you tonight, this is not the end of the Mikaelsons,” Klaus tells them. “Always and forever. ”

Klaus doesn’t intend to leave this world without saying goodbye to Caroline. They sit down to have a final conversation, and Caroline tells him, “I’ll never forget you.” Before she leaves, she kisses him.

Hope and Klaus share an emotional moment together that I’ll never stop crying about. “I’m going to make you proud,” Hope vows. “I promise you I’m going to do right by our name.” Later, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah make their way to Bourbon Street in the the heart of New Orleans, their home. Klaus doesn’t want Elijah’s last memory of him to be of his death. Elijah agrees and takes out a white oak stake and breaks it in half.

“I intend to die by your side,” Elijah tells his brother. Klaus is understandably shocked, but Elijah has made up his mind. “I don’t deserve the love you’ve given me, brother,” Klaus says. “But I am so grateful.” Klaus wonders about what happens after death. Is there peace? Darkness? The unknown is scary. No matter what happens, Eljiah tells his brother that they’ll “face it together.”

They each take a piece of the white oak stake and kill each other. As they die, they’re looking face-to-face and know they’re not alone. Klaus and Elijah lived and died as brothers whose love was boundless. A truly perfect way for these two remarkable characters to go out. And Klaus is right. The Mikaelsons’ story is far from over. Hope is headed to the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Her story will continue on Legacies, which will air this fall on The CW.

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