Paris Jackson is taking steps to ensure she remains safe as the LAPD investigates Isaac Kappy.

Paris Jackson has decided to play it safe in the wake of a recent alleged assault and disturbing ongoing contact with actor Isaac Kappy. Jackson is reportedly moving from her home and is taking additional precautions as this situation plays out.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Isaac Kappy is under investigation for allegedly assaulting Paris Jackson last month, as well as for allegedly stalking and harassing actor Seth Green and Green’s wife Clare Grant. The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly opened up an investigation into Kappy last week after an ominous tweet threatening gun violence.

Kappy is accused of grabbing Jackson by the throat while the two were at a game night party about a month ago. By the looks of things, Isaac’s unsettling behavior is escalating rapidly and according to TMZ, this has prompted Paris to make changes to her daily routines and take precautions to ensure her safety.

Apparently, at least for now, Paris has chosen to move out of her home and she is relocating to someplace unknown to Isaac. Sources indicate that Jackson has continued to receive texts from Kappy, and is it said that they have been frightening and increasingly incoherent.

TMZ reports that the texts that are being sent to Paris are similar to what Seth Green and his wife Clare had been receiving, and they are said to be an unsettling combination of loving and caring, yet scary. Apparently, Jackson maintained communication with Kappy for a while in recent weeks because she was trying to support him during a time where she perceived that he might be suicidal.

wrapped in your arms, head to your chest, there’s no place i feel more loved or more safe ???? (besides when koa is in my arms of course)

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Now, however, she’s prioritizing her own personal safety. In addition to moving from her home, Paris reportedly has blocked Kappy’s phone number and she is keeping armed security guards with her all of the time.

Reports note that both Paris and Seth had been on friendly terms with Isaac until recently. However, Kappy has been making accusations toward Green and his wife, insisting that they are involved in pedophilia, and his accusations have been generating a lot of buzz on Twitter and other social media sites.

It appears that both Seth and his wife recently changed their Twitter profiles to be private, while Paris has kept hers open. Of course, at this point, Kappy doesn’t appear to have included Jackson in any of his allegations about supposed Hollywood misdeeds like he has against Green and his wife.

For his part, Kappy has been tweeting frequently in the midst of these headlines. He continues to make accusations about pedophilia against numerous Hollywood figures and has been posting tweets related to the “Pizzagate” conspiracy and “Qanon” as well.

However, Isaac did tweet that Paris is not involved in any of these alleged issues and he says she has a “very kind heart” and would never hurt kids. Kappy also tweeted that the TMZ reports are loaded with inaccuracies and that he hasn’t seen Jackson in more than a year.

At this point, Isaac Kappy is publicly saying positive things about Paris Jackson and claiming that he’s trying to keep her out of the rest of this drama. However, her fans are glad to hear that she’s taking this situation seriously and ensuring she remains safe until things can be resolved in some manner.

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