‘He burst into the toilet and covered me with Silly String’: People reveal the EXACT moment they knew their partner was The One

  • Loved up men and women shared their stories on the anonymous Whisper app
  • Recalled the moment they knew that they wanted to marry their partner 
  • Not all of the scenarios described were as romantic as you might expect  

It’s the million dollar question: when did you know your partner was the One?

Now loved-up couples have been revealing the exact moment they knew they wanted to marry their other half – and many recalled scenarios that were less romantic than you might expect.

Among the anonymous people from around the world to have shared their stories on the anonymous Whisper app was a woman who officially fell for her partner when he burst in on her in the toilet and sprayed her with silly string. 

Another woman said it was her then boyfriend’s unfazed reaction to the news that she was celibate that made her think: ‘I’m going to marry that guy!’

Another said her boyfriend acting as her ‘fearless protector’ when someone tried to break into their house convinced her they were meant to be together.   

Some on the thread cited moments so small as to be almost imperceptible – despite the life changing impact it had on them – like the man who fell for his girlfriend while watching her sleep. 

People from around the world contributed the moment they were sure of who they wanted to marry in a thread shared on Whisper. One woman who was celibate decided she was ready to commit to her boyfriend after he accepted her decision to sustain from sex

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Another woman found comfort in the protection their boyfriend provided and knew they wanted the feeling for life

One man chose to propose to his wife after feeling infatuated by their first kiss and confessed he was even able to remember the exact time it happened 

A woman who had experienced countless bad relationships found security in her partner who was able to dance and be silly 

Another person revealed they were smitten by their partner’s desire to adopt children with special needs

A playful couple had feelings of marrying each other after messing around with silly string in the bathroom 

A cannabis user found himself wanting to marry his girlfriend after she prepared his dinner and blunts for him 

Another man knew he wanted to marry his girlfriend after admiring her whilst she slept 

A woman who felt special by the way her partner looked at her, knew he was the one she wanted to marry and have kids with 

Another woman was won over by the compliments their partner paid them each day

One woman found confidence through the encouragement their partner gives them

Another woman felt the kind words of their boyfriend was the deciding factor for who they should marry

One man knew he wanted to spend his life with his girlfriend after she lied in order for him to be approved for free tuition 

A mother decided she would marry her boyfriend after he began playing a father role to her three-year-old 

One woman began considering marriage after her boyfriend began spending each day watching her get ready 

Another woman who was attracted by her boyfriend’s sense of humor, began thinking of getting married after he sucked her toes during a foot massage 

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