The perfect summer snack? Morrisons launches olives infused with GIN in time for picnic season (and they cost just £2.50)

  • Morrisons have unveiled a new range of gin-infused olives in time for summer
  • The Greek-sourced olives come in 250g packs and cost just £2.50 each
  • Supermarket teamed up with gin brand Slingsby for alcohol-infused creations 

Morrisons has unveiled olives infused with gin just in time for summer.

The unusual treat will likely prove popular with shoppers looking to bring something a little different to their next picnic or barbecue.

A 150g packet is retailing for just £2.50 – making them a purse-friendly option for customers. 

Morrisons have teamed up with Slingsby to unveill a new range of olives, which have been infused with summer favourite spirit gin just in time for the upcoming picnic season


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The supermarket collaborated with artisan gin brand Slingsby to create the alcohol-infused snack.

They use pitted olives sourced from the Halkidiki region of Greece with the added zest of refreshing citrus flavours.

The olives arrived in store in last month ahead of World Gin Day on June 9. 

The purse-friendly supermarket is selling the 150g packs of alcohol-infused snacks for just £2.50, and has launched the line ahead of the picnic season

Morrisons recommends serving the olives with dips and other snacks. 

Waitrose previously sold pitted green olives in a gin, juniper and lemon zest dressing, listed at £1.99 for 100g, although they are currently sold out online.  

It comes after an expert caused outrage upon suggesting that G&T should be served without lemon and lime.

The release comes after an expert caused outrage upon suggesting that G&T should be served without lemon and lime, and with mint and ginger instead

Sam Carter, a senior ambassador at Bombay Sapphire, told Business Insider that the citrus fruits add ‘mustiness’.

He said: ‘They’re left for like a day and have gone brown on the edges and it just adds a real fusty, mustiness to it.

‘Just because we did it 10, 20, 30 years ago and our parents did it, doesn’t mean we have to do it.’

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