The world of professional golf may still be infatuated with long-time legend Tiger Woods, but PGA star Bryson DeChambeau is beginning to gobble up attention and headlines himself during his PGA tour. DeChambeau recently won the Memorial tournament with a birdie on his second extra hole, putting to rest rumors that Tiger Woods could be making a comeback to re-establish himself as the world of golf’s leading star.

According to CBS Sports, DeChambeau nearly lost the Memorial tournament on Monday, but a powerful shorthand performance still put him over the top to secure victory over his competitors.

“I can’t believe I did it,” DeChambeau, who climbed back from a two-shot deficit to victory, told CBS Sports after winning his second PGA tour.

Kyle Stanley, one of DeChambeau’s chief competitors, noted that he knew his route to victory was in tatters around Hole 12.

“after Hole 12 my chances were looking pretty slim, so to come back and make some birdies coming in… it’s a bit of a sour finish, but proud of the way I hung in there,” Stanley told ESPN.

Other competitors like Tiger Woods aren’t letting DeChambeau steal the spotlight forever, though.

“If I just keep building on this, with how I’m hitting it right now, I’m in good shape for two weeks from now,” Tiger Woods recalled to ESPN about his performance.

DeChambeau walked about from Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial Tournament with a handshake and a photo with the famed golfer who the tournament derives its name from. DeChambeau possesses five “Top 5” finishes in sixteen starts this season, and possesses a unique style that makes him a common topic of commentary and criticism in the golf world.

As a matter of fact, DeChambeau opened up about the amount of criticism and scrutiny he receives compared to many other leading players after his recent tournament win. DeChambeau claimed to be “disappointed” by the way he had been treated leading up to and immediately after the tournament, and implored the public and his media critics to reflect more on their coverage of him.

“Because whenever you look at somebody, don’t judge them by the cover, right?” DeChambeau noted, per the NYPost. “You’ve got to judge them by the results and the work ethic and the dedication and the perseverance that the person has.”

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