Polyamorous ‘throuple’ are planning a three-way COMMITMENT ceremony – and say there’s NO jealousy in their unconventional relationship

  • Lindsay Schoepf is in relationship with married couple Brittney and Terry Stroup
  • The triad, from Glendora, CA, have known each other since high school
  • Brittney and Terry got married a few years ago but they became a triad in 2016
  • Lindsay initially moved in with them as a roommate but then romance grew

A polyamorous triad who are in a three-way relationship are planning a ‘commitment ceremony’ to each other – as they claim jealousy is a ‘non issue’.

Lindsay Schoepf, 27, from Glendora, California, grew up in the same town as husband and wife Brittney, 26, and Terry Stroup, 28, with Brittney being her best friend and Terry a fleeting high-school romance.

The triad reconnected when Lindsay moved back to California in her 20s and moved in with them after spending time in Arizona. Feelings then started to blossom between Brittney, Terry and their friend.

Brittney and Terry started dating in high school and were married soon after they left – but when Lindsay moved in as a roommate in 2016, they soon started a three-way relationship.

Lindsay (left) with married couple Terry (centre) and Brittney (right) Stroup as part of their romantic three-way relationship. Terry says he often gets high fives in the street from other men when they see the triad being affectionate in their ‘throuple’

Brittney (left), Terry (centre) and Lindsay (right) often go out as a triad but they also spend time in their own separate relationships with each other two. Lindsay and Brittney date each other, as well as Terry and Lindsay and Terry and Brittney

Now they want to cement their three-way relationship with a commitment ceremony similar to a marriage – and they plan to raise their future children together as part of their ‘new-nuclear’ family.

Brittney and Terry proposed to Lindsay on their first wedding anniversary.

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Brittney and Lindsay were best friends at high school, and Lindsay dated Terry briefly before calling things off. Brittney then started to go out with him and they married a few years later, while Lindsay moved to Arizona for another relationship.

But when she moved back to California in 2016, she moved in with Terry and Brittney as a roommate and romance started to blossom between all three of them. 

The triad are in a three-way relationship with each other and Terry, who is married to Brittney (right) often gets high fives from strangers in the street for being with two women

The triad wear engagement and wedding rings on their ring fingers and also have matching tattoos to mark their relationship

Lindsay said: ‘I moved back home and became roommates with them. We spent a lot of time hanging out together and separately and feelings just developed from there.

‘Polyamory means that you don’t have to love only one person the way that everyone has always told you. We love each other for the different things we bring to the relationship.

‘Human beings are capable of so much love and now that we are together it seems so stifling to only have those feelings for one person at a time.

‘We each bring something different to the relationship. So, this results in a balance that might be harder to achieve in a two-person dynamic. When one of us wants to sit something out, the other is never alone.

‘We all have our time together, and then there are the separate relationships between each of us. Once we found that balance the rest felt natural.

The triad had never heard of polyamory until their relationship started to develop, and then Brittney and Terry educated Lindsay about it. 

Brittney (left), Terry (centre) and Lindsay (right) going out for dinner as a triad in love. Lindsay moved in with Terry and Brittney as their roommate and romance soon blossomed between them

The triad are blissfully happy and say that although there was some jealousy when they first started dating each other, that it is a ‘non issue’ now

The throuple go on holiday with each other and Terry often has his two women on each arm – something he gets praised for by envious male strangers

Lindsay added: ‘For us, we never had even heard of polyamory before we started dating, so none of us have ever experienced this before.

‘Honestly the question came up between Terry and Brittney, ‘Could we just date her? Is that a thing?’.

‘We agreed that a triad was what worked for us, because it’s not about bringing other people into the relationship, it started as a love between the three of us and that it what it will always be.

‘We are planning to have a wedding or commitment ceremony in the next couple of years. We have talked about having kids. We have seen plenty of triads successfully raise families together and it’s beautiful.’

Despite knowing each other for 12 years, Lindsay, Brittney and Terry have been together romantically for two years now and most of their respective family members are approving of their triad relationship. 

Men often congratulate Terry in the street with high fives and lots of questions.

When asked if jealousy has ever been an issue for them, Lindsay said that the three have learnt to work through any feelings of envy.

The triad are in a relationship with every member of the throuple and each spend time as a couple and in their three-way relationship

Lindsay (left), Terry (centre) and Brittney (right) organised a photoshoot inthe woods with them all wearing all-black to show off their blossoming three-way relationship

A cheeky partygoer may have photobombed their cute picture together but the triad don’t seem to mind as they say they don’t have any jealousy in their relationship

‘I would say 95 per cent of our families are accepting,’ said Lindsay. ‘There are a couple of people that are not accepting for religious reasons.

‘That is their choice, not ours. Luckily, we have amazing families (mostly) that understand that this relationship does not affect them and they love all of us.

‘We get some stares when out in public. Terry gets a lot of high fives. People are generally pretty accepting if you give them the chance though.

‘Jealousy was a brief issue in the beginning, and the only way to really deal with it was head on.

‘We would sit down and talk about it and try to figure out the best way to get through it. Jealousy is basically a non-issue at this point. We know where we stand with each other.’

The three have matching tattoos that represent their love for each other, one is a triangle to symbolise their triad and the other is a moth that symbolises that their relationship was a flame worth getting burned for.

Finally, Lindsay shared her words of advice to others who want to pursue a triad relationship.

‘It’s simple, love who you love,’ she said.

‘People will always try to shove their opinion down your throat, but believe in what you have enough to not care.’

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