Prince William & Kate Middleton look more in love than ever, according to two body language experts who EXCLUSIVELY told HL about the royal couple’s nonverbal cues!

Prince William, 35, and Kate Middleton, 36, stepped out of the hospital after Kate gave birth to introduce their newborn to the world and if you thought they were the picture-perfect couple, you wouldn’t be wrong! Patti Wood, who holds a Masters in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication and is an accomplished author, EXCLUSIVELY told us about how the couple’s body language during their recent baby reveal shows how intimate they are. “They appear happy and in love,” Patti said. “You can see them as just any couple, posing for photographs. They’re natural, normal and relaxed and not all posey. Their faces are just naturally relaxed.”

When it comes down to it, William’s loving and attentive body language is meant to calm Kate after her delivery. “Not only does he put his arm around Kate with relaxed, open fingers, he’s comforting her by rubbing his hand up and down,” Patti added. “By him doing this, it shows that it’s natural and spontaneous, he’s not thinking, ‘I want to show the world that I’m comforting my wife.’ He’s naturally doing it to calm her, anchor her and guide her. You can tell he does this [even when the cameras aren’t there]. He’s happy. He has that big-tooth grin.”

While William is momentarily formal, he later continues to shower Kate with back rubs. “Although William then anchors his hand into a [formal] fig-leaf position, he’s stepping with Kate, and he only briefly goes into that fig-leaf position for formal photos,” Patti continued. “But his first thought and first interest was rubbing her back, which is the most important thing. He’s making sure she’s safe and the baby’s safe.”

According to Patti, William’s first and last thoughts and interests are very telling. “As he walks down the stairs, his focus is on his son and Kate,” Patti adds. “It’s a nonverbal cue that shows where his attention is. William’s arm stays continuously around her, the whole time.”

Tonya Reiman, author of The Power of Body Language, The YES Factor and The Body Language of Dating, admitted that William and Kate’s eye contact is a big insight into their loving relationship. “This is noted in their intimate hand holding, eye contact, smiles and the touching between the two,” Tonya told us. “William rubs Kate’s back. We know that this is a normal occurrence because if he was touching her merely for the cameras, it would have seem forced and there would be no need for him to affectionately move his hand up and down her back. “

Basically, the affection you’re seeing is the real deal. “Their body language tells us that this relationship is healthy and intimate,” Tonya said. “I did notice William standing in the fig leaf position. We typically see this when people feel vulnerable. However, he has done this in the past so I would presume any vulnerability would be the idea of one more child to watch over.”

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