It’s that time again. *cue Elmo on fire gif* Mercury Retrograde—the ultimate headache meets horror movie—has returned. The planet of the mind and communication (hint hint: texting, screenshots, insta-stalking) started getting sleepy around February 2nd, triggering your B.S.-meter to beep. And our chatty planet officially moves backward from February 16 through March 9, which is the strongest part of the sh*tstorm. And the fog will last until March 29, so expect whatever B.S. that pops up now to take some time to sort out.

Stop screaming! Just keep reading to find out below where you’re likely to see drama during the coming weeks according to your Sun Sign. And breathe.

But first, a quick note about Mercury in Pisces…

Okay, now let’s talk about your Sun Sign:


Gossip or secrets about things you hoped were in the past could suddenly appear, spring babes. Your fears could be strong at this time, as well as nightmares or anxiety. If this is the case, consider how you can gain closure to release it once and for all. Don’t let the shade haunt you any more.


Are they really a friend or just a frenemy? Yep, you could be around a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Taurus. Someone in your social circle or network could be smiling to your face but not have the best intentions for you. Stand up for yourself or quietly cancel them from your calendar. This could also be a time when you realize you and a friend aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Heads up: some peeps from the past are likely to show up now, too.


Rumors are likely to be out to tarnish your precious reputation, Gems. Remember, though, haters make you famous, so not all chatter is bad. You may also realize that a boss is being very confusing now and you can’t seem to please them. Some Gems could realize they want to change their careers in some way because newer horizons look better than the current headaches.


The way you’d been building your knowledge of the world seems to be shifting now and this can affect lovely Cancers in many ways. First, if you’re in school, a course or assignment could spiral off the rails. Working in media or publishing? A project won’t go nearly as well as you’d hoped. Traveling or dealing with immigration matters, these will also be quite frustrating so prepare to problem-solve accordingly. Sorry, bbs!


Sharing in your partnerships will likely be imbalanced at this time. Some Leos may also notice fears about relationships bubbling up and feeling like their connection isn’t equal. This will definitely be a time when you and the boo need to level the playing field. Talk it out logically, not emotionally.


Commitments with your S.O. in business or love will be *UGH* and you’ll be ready to pull out your hair, Virgo. This could be a time when you were considering making long-term plans together but something still needs to be worked out. Be receptive to new ideas for working together! Oh, and beware: some exes could be lurking during this time, too.


Work is quite the sh*tshow rn, fall babies. Some Libras may notice that they’re being overworked, while others feel they’re in a complete dry spell. Finding balance in your job is not going to be easy. Some shady vibes with coworkers or clients is also possible, so keep your antennae up. Prioritize responsibilities and make to-do lists so you’re not forgetting anything!


Love and romance are hot now but you could suddenly realize that you and a sexy crush are not on the same page. That is, if one of you doesn’t ghost each other first! Many Scorpios will also realize they don’t know what they want in a relationship. Oh, and FYI: ex-loves, ex-hookups, and ex-“IDK what we even weres” will likely pop up. You could also realize you’re still constantly thinking about someone who got away. Be upfront about what you’re feeling, even when it’s hard, Scorpy!


Drama at home or with the fam is very possible now. This could mean that your sib or roomie is acting up or even sharp words being exchanged. Some Sag could be moving at this time and realizing that not everything is sorted out. At the very least if nothing else, you could be debating how stable your life is and if you feel safe, secure, and supported. Respond rather than react.


You have some extremely important messages you want to tell people now, Caps. This can be in relation to writing, public speaking, or even a rebranding of your social media. However, missed emails or texts seem to haunt you at this time as well as the dreaded “mixed messages” accusation. Don’t just double-check everything to make sure it’s going to the right person and says what you actually intend. Triple check it.


Money matters will be causing headaches everywhere you turn these days, water bearers. For some Aquarius, this will manifest as missed bills or checks or receiving a hefty expense they had not previously planned for. Expenses could also rise. Spend conservatively and save, save, save.


With Mercury Retrograde taking place in your zodiac sign, you’ll be spinning TF out! It is quite possible you won’t know up from down, black from white. The Universe is pulling you back tremendously because it is important for you to review important details in all areas of your life that you may have missed. You love to race onto the next big thing, but the past is calling you to reflect and take a new approach going forward. Review, restart, or release!

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