R. Kelly Said He Sometimes Sleeps in a Closet

The song “Trapped in the Closet” has a lot more meaning to R. Kelly than we thought. The R&B singer once revealed he sometimes sleeps in his closet. The unusual admission leaves us with so many questions. First of all, why? Here’s what we know about R. Kelly and his preference for sleeping in closets.

Why does R. Kelly sleep in a closet?

In a 2016 GQ article, R. Kellyexplained that closets provide him with a sense of peace. It’s also one of the fewplaces where he can sleep in total darkness. He told the publication hesometimes sleeps in the closet of his Trump Tower apartment:

Most of the times, it’s just peace of mind. First of all, it’s a pretty big closet. There’s a few reasons. The way the sunlight comes through the window, when I wake, I don’t like it. I like pitch-black, because I sleep well when it’s just pitch-black. I leave my phones outside of the closet, and once I get in that closet, I feel like no one in the world has any idea that I am in this closet right now. And that gives me a peace of mind, to know that no one knows where I’m at right now. ‘I bet you they can’t find me here.’ So, it’s that kind of thought.

R. Kelly also said a closet provides a way for him to hide


When asked additional questions about his sleep habits, R.Kelly added that sleeping in a closet is also a way for him to hide fromeveryone. He likes the feeling of being locked in a safe space. Here’s what hehad to say:

Uh, in a way, yeah. And I feel so secure. I’ve got the front door locked, I got the back door locked, I got the room door locked, and I got the closet door locked. I’m in a door in a door in a door in a door, so I feel protected. Just like the way they put money in a thick vault. So, call me money at that point.

Journalist Jim DeRogatis also writes about R. Kelly’s fondness of closets

In his book Soulless, R. Kelly’s former manager,Demetrius Smith, told author Jim DeRogatis that R. Kelly slept in a hotelcloset for a month after he broke up with hisex-wife, Aaliyah. The singer also allegedly slept in a closet for a monthafter her death. DeRogatis says closets are also mentioned in R. Kelly’s 2013 book,Soulacoaster. According to R. Kelly, we all have secrets we want to hidein a closet: “Everyone has a secret. Everyone has a closet that the or she istrapped inside of, and everyone—believe it or not—wants out of that closet,” hesaid.

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