NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore’s feud escalates big time in the new mid-season trailer for ‘RHOA.’ NeNe ends up calling Wendy Williams for advice, and then, she appears to spit at Kenya during a nasty fight.

The mid-season trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta dropped on Jan. 16, and it’s intense! The ongoing feud between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore gets so heated that at one point NeNe appears to seemingly spit at her foe. Things appear to start off well, as the ladies travel to Greece together, and toast to each other with wine glasses, saying “To the sisterhood” and everything seems hopeful.

But NeNe, 52, knows there could be trouble ahead. So she calls her pal, talk show host Wendy Williams, 55, for advice. “Somebody pushes me Wendy, I’m gonna say some sh*t,” she’s seen telling the daytime talk show host. But Wendy is there with solid guidance, telling her to “Give these girls friendship and love” in a very serious tone. That’s easier said than done in the scenes that follow.

In at least two different instances, NeNe and Kenya, 48, nearly get into physical fights. In Greece, Kenya is sitting and snaps at NeNe, “Please go to jail again”, to which she yells back at Kenya, “You’re a dumba** b*tch.” The women begin loudly shouting at each other and NeNe appears to throw something at Kenya. Soon, the fight escalates to the point where cast members have to physically hold NeNe back from lunging at Kenya, but not before she appears to spit at her enemy. Finally, Tanya Sam screams, “Everybody, stop!” to dial down the drama.


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There’s also another fight that takes place at a different time, as the ladies are wearing different outfits. They’re up in each other’s faces yelling and NeNe screams, “I ain’t never gonna be what you want,” as their cast mates step in to separate them. But there is an attempt at peace at one point. There’s a scene where NeNe and her husband Gregg are seen with Kenya and her then-husband, Marc Daly. “I don’t want us to have an issue, I really don’t,” NeNe tells the couple. Marc says, “There’s no issue, Kenya agrees,” and she says she does.

NeNe does manage to repair one relationship during the backend of this season. In one heartfelt scene, she tells Porsha Williams, “I love you like a sister and I’m sorry,” as they go in for a tight hug. Porsha, 38, tearfully tells her, “It’s been really hard without you.”

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