Singer Robbie Williams is “sure” that there will be a second reunion of Take That, the band he was formerly with.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the singer said that the reunion would depend on how his former band members receive “Better Man,” a biopic on Williams being made by “The Greatest Showman” director Michael Gracey.

Take That was formed in 1990 with band members including Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Williams. In 1995, Williams left the band for a solo career. In 1996, Take That disbanded. In 2006, Take That regrouped, without Williams. And in 2010, Williams rejoined the band for smash hit album “Progress.” In 2011, Williams left the band again, amicably.

The reception of the existing Take That band members to the biopic “will have a lot to do with what happens next. If this film was my life from 2010 to 2022, it would be a love letter to Gary Barlow. But I speak in the film how I thought when I was 16, 17, 18. We have a very complicated relationship, me and the boys. A loving and jovial relationship, but I will always be the youngest, the runt of the litter,” Williams told The Sunday Times. Williams had quit Take That for the first time when he was 21.

“What I don’t want to do is open up old wounds, but I also don’t want to restrict myself from a truth that was mine, of its time,” Williams added. “I can’t be the only c*** in the film. If I rewrite everybody to be lovely, then I’m the only arsehole, and I can’t be having that.”

Williams’ latest album “XXV,” which explores 25 years of his solo career, is out now. The “XXV” tour across the U.K. and Ireland begins Oct. 9. There are plans for a studio album, and a Netflix documentary series on him is in the works.

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