To everyone’s surprise, Rihanna is allegedly considering getting back with Chris Brown. Is she serious? It is not what you think.

In case you have been living under a rock, Chris Brown is notorious for domestic violence against Rihanna when they were together. Moreover, Rihanna has recently been seen with Hassan Jameel who is a Saudi billionaire that seems to treat her very nicely. Why would she want to get back into a bad relationship with Chris Brown?

Hollywood Life reported that this intention is not what at first it seems. Rihanna does not want to get back with Chris Brown. Rihanna wants to forgive,  forget, and move forward with her new billionaire boyfriend. Thank God, this woman has the common sense not to return to an abusive relationship.

Women and men who have not gone through an abusive relationship have some trouble understanding why the person goes back again and again for abuse. The simple answer is that they have been brainwashed to make them feel inferior and all the abuse comes from the false thinking that they are the ones doing the wrong. This is the callous mind manipulation of the abuser. It is summarized by “I am everything and you are nothing.”

Give Rihanna supreme credit for her act of forgiveness to the jerk Brown that is very sincere. The forgiveness is more for herself than for Chris Brawn.

Kudos for Rihanna for now being ready to let go and move on! This is the path to healing that everyone needs to follow. No matter what happened to you in a previous time, the power that such horrible events still has over you, is only the power that you give it.

And Rihanna’s new boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, is super hot!

Hopefully, Rihanna finds the piece of mind she deserves.

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