SAINSBURY’S shoppers can already get a glimpse of the supermarket’s Christmas 2020 selection.

Its festive feast includes a pigs in blanket stuffing wreath, which could make quite the dinner table centrepiece.

The wreath itself is made of pork, sage and onion stuffing, and is decorated with six pigs in blankets and cranberries.

Sainsbury’s reckons the wreath serves six people, so there should be plenty to go around.

The new offering is part of the supermarket's luxury Taste the Difference range and is priced at £10.

Tesco sold a similar pigs in blankets wreath last year which was half the price at £5 – but we don't know if it'll be selling it again this year.

Sadly, Sainsbury's hasn’t revealed when it’ll start selling any of its Christmas range – but it still gives you an idea of what could be on your plate.

We also don't know any of the relevant calorie information just yet.

We’d recommend keeping an eye on Sainsbury's website, or visiting in-store nearer to December.

Shoppers can use the Sainsbury's store finder tool to locate their nearest shop.

Here are our top picks from the Sainsbury's Christmas 2020 range:

Taste the Different 20 prawn roses – £8

These handcrafted roses are made with layers of crisp filo pastry, tinted with beetroot for a pink colour.

They’re filled with a mix of chopped king prawns and a blend of coconut and Thai-style penang curry spices.

We couldn't see another supermarket selling prawn roses, but a cheaper option from Sainsbury's could be this pack of eight tempura king prawns for £3.

Taste the Different pork belly bites – £8

Sainsbury's says their pork belly bites have been smothered in a smoky blend of paprika, chilli and cayenne.

The meat is then slow cooked for three hours to the point where it falls apart in your mouth.

Sainsbury's will be selling these in a 700g pack, which comes with 16 pork belly bites.

Morrisons is also selling pork belly bites as part of its Christmas 2020 range but we don't know the price of these yet.

Taste the Difference layered pork, chicken and stuffing pie – £12.50

Don't fancy turkey? This chicken, pork and stuffing layered pie could make a good alternative.

To finish it off, the pie is topped with a layer of port-glazed cranberries.

A similar pie from Waitrose costs £18 – so you'll be saving £5.50 at Sainsbury's.

Sainsbury's yule dog – £8

This festive yule dog cake is a playful take on the classic M&S Colin the Caterpillar.

The cake is made of a chocolate sponge cake, rolled in chocolate buttercream and covered in milk chocolate.

Finally, the pup is hand decorated with festive shimmering sprinkles and
edible candy canes.

Last year, M&S had a Christmas-themed Colin cake for £10, meaning the Sainbury's version is £2 cheaper.

Plant Pioneers chocolate and salted caramel star – £8

For a vegan dessert, Sainsbury's is selling a panna cotta style star pud, covered in a Belgian dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce.

The supermarket says this should serve five people.

The Sun has also checked out what Tesco has on offer for Christmas 2020 and it includes giant pigs in blankets.

Aldi has also released its Christmas 2020 range and it includes truffle pigs in blankets.

And Morrisons’ Christmas food includes mini pies, a sticky toffee dessert bowl and star-shaped doughnuts.

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