According to Mashable, Samsung’s newest Android phone, Galaxy Note 9, is expected to cost around $1,000 when it comes out.

This latest price announcement comes just days after Samsung issued a press release, claiming, “Samsung will seek to expand sales by introducing a new Galaxy Note earlier than usual, which offers exceptional performance for a reasonable price.”

The new smartphone is scheduled to be revealed on August 9 during Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City and will officially go on sale on August 24.

When Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 was announced last year, the smartphone ranged anywhere between $900 and$960, depending on the carrier.

According to unconfirmed Malaysian price listings, the new Android could cost either $1,055 for 128 gigabytes of storage or $1,250 for 512 gigabytes. Samsung’s smartphones have been on a steady price increase for some time now.

The smartphone, which is now available to pre-order, will also come in 54- and 256-gigabyte versions, but their specific prices have yet to be released.

Samsung also revealed that the Galaxy Note 9 will likely be the last smartphone in the Note series, unless, of course, sales go exceptionally well.

While other companies carry smartphones that are under $1,000, their prices are either also increasing or not far behind.

Apple’s iPhone 9 is rumored to cost around $700 to $800, although the iPhone X Plus is expected to surpass the $1,000 mark.

According to Gadgets 360, the Galaxy Note 9 will feature minimal bezels and a slightly large display panel area and will most likely come with the more traditional fingerprint and iris scanners used to unlocked the phone. The Note 9 will also be able to be unlocked remotely using Bluetooth connectivity and maintain a significantly longer battery lifespan than its iPhone counterpart.

More specifically, the Note 9 is expected to feature “a curved Super AMOLED-backed ‘Infinity Display’ panel and a larger, 4,000mAh battery than the 3000mAh battery available on last year’s Galaxy Note 8” and is expected to come with “an upgraded dual rear camera setup and include basics such as a 3.5mm headphone jack.”

In addition, the new Android is expected to come with an Exynos SoC for global markets and “an improved S Pen that is reportedly getting a Gold paint-job for the first time.”

Furthermore, the newest Samsung addition is reported to have an “improved optical image stabilization (OIS) offered on the new model over its predecessor and various video enhancements,” and will also come with a wireless charger box called the Wireless Charger Duo.

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