Mario Batali’s apology has caused an uproar, causing some savage celebrity responses.

Last week famed chef Mario Batali was accused of sexual harassment by a few former employees. It didn’t take long for him to admit his wrongdoing and issue an apology.

However, his apology has a number people, some who are fans and some who are not, in an uproar. It was not so much what he said in his statement, that was delivered via an email to his newsletter subscribers, but what he included in the apology.

Although most of his message appeared very sincere, it was his closing that has his fans very unhappy with the chef. He included a PS message to his fans in the email promoting one of his favorite holiday recipes.

Along with some very angry fan responses, Batali’s apology has also caused a number of celebrities to speak out regarding his statement.

“But, like, what were you *actually* thinking when you sent out this email, @Mariobatali??” wrote celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Actress and writer Whitney Cummings shared “if you make the cinnamon rolls Mario Batali included in his “apology”, I am interested in making a documentary about you.”

“How about pigs in a blanket Mario?” asked veteran magazine editor Tina Brown when she was interviewed by CNN.

Comedian Susan Alexander did not hold back in her response. “Mario Batali wrote an apology for his rape room. Included a recipe for cinnamon rolls w/ a dash of roofies.”

Mario Batali is the latest celebrity to have come under fire sexual harassment. He was let go from the hit ABC talk show The Chew. It was also revealed that he would be stepping down from day to day operations at his four restaurants for an unspecified period of time. He owns Lupa, Po, Babbo Ristorante and Esca, which are all located in New York City.

Despite issuing two apologies since the news broke, his second apology has caused more outrage against the celebrity chef. What do you think about Batali including a recipe in his apology for sexual harassment?

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