Scott Disick caught wind of Kourtney Kardashian’s romantic plans to move to Paris Bendjima, and he’s not happy — especially if she’s taking the kids! Here’s what he’s planning to do if she moves.

Someone not on board with Kourtney Kardashian running away to Paris with her lover? Scott Disick! Scott’s “in a jealous rage” over her plans to move to Europe with boyfriend Younes Bendjima, a source close to the Kardashians told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Lord Disick’s vowed to not make this easy for Kourtney and Younes, especially because the move involves their three children going with her. “Scott’s promised Kourtney a huge battle if she goes through with her plans to move to Paris with Younes and his kids,” the insider said.

Here’s the thing…Scott’s threats aren’t working. “She’s the one holding all the cards,” and though there’s some risk that Scott would threaten her with legal action, “Kourtney isn’t worried,” we’re told. “Mostly because she doesn’t take Scott’s threats seriously anymore. And even if he does decide to take her to court, she’s sure she’d win so it’s really not stressing her.”

Honestly, Kourtney’s confused by Scott’s outrage. As HollywoodLife told you previously, her move to Paris isn’t permanent. Think of it more as an extended vacation — a few months in France at the most! “Kourtney’s kind of shocked that he’s even bothered,” the source said. “It would only be for a few months and it’s not like he couldn’t come visit them. He loves being in Europe in the summer! Kourtney can’t believe how upset he’s getting over this, she actually thought he’d be supportive.”

Guess not! She’s got a point; Scott loves vacationing in Europe, and especially in France. Remember how he was cramping Kourt’s style by yachting there with 19-year-old Bella Thorne while she was trying to enjoy a vacay nearby with Younes. He could do that now (except with girlfriend Sofia Richie). We’ll see what happens in this saga next. Will Scott drag Kourt to court?

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