There is so much going on in the lives of the Gallaghers right now. On the Sept. 23 episode, Lip refused to let Xan get handed over to DCFS, Ian went on a spiritual journey, and Carl got his West Point recommendation!

Ian’s out of prison, but he’s more lost than ever on the outside. He’s waiting for God, a.k.a. “shim,” to tell him what to do next. He claims “shim” used to talk to him all the time in prison, but now God has gone radio silent. Frank, of course, continues to rain on Ian’s parade, saying religious is a waste of time. “Religion isn’t a startup, Ian,” he says. “If you want God to talk to you, stick with the classics.” This prompts Ian to go on a spiritual journey, taking him to a synagogue and Buddhist temple.

It’s Liam’s first day of public school! Lip sends Liam off to school with Xan, with freshly-made lunches because he’s the best. Liam refuses to get rid of his tie, and Lip just knows that’s not going to go over well with the public school kids. Liam gets pushed into letting one of the big kids copy off his paper. He starts to get pushed around by one of the older girls, so Liam uses his Gallagher negotiating skills to his advantage. He asks the big kid in his class for protection in exchange for help with school work. Liam has his own personal bodyguard now. He truly is a Gallagher.

Carl is now cremating the dogs from Soothing Horizons and taking the ashes to the owners. Carl’s heart has grown three sizes, and it warms my own heart to see him taking care of those pups until they die. He’s still actively thinking about West Point and needs a recommendation from a congressman. The local congressman, Wayne Ubberman, has a connection to V. He used to employ her when she was a dominatrix! Carl guilt trips V into helping him get that recommendation. She comes out of retirement and whips (literally) the congressman into giving Carl what he needs.

Lip is now a sponsor, and he’s actually a good one. He’s sympathetic, but tough. However, when he learns Xan’s in the emergency room, he bails on the AA meeting. Xan has broken her arm, and she can only be released to a parent or legal guardian. Lip is neither of those. He asks Brad to pretend to be Xan’s dad, but Brad refuses. Brad doesn’t want to get sucked into Lip’s “weird Gallagher vortex.” Lip is terrified Xan is going to be handed over to DCFS. So, what does he do? Something illegal, of course. He cuts off a nearby patient’s oxygen as a distraction, and he takes Xan and runs. Yes, Lip has just kidnapped Xan. I have a feeling this is not going to end well for him, even though he’s trying to do the right thing.

Debbie and her new female construction worker friend have really hit if off. Her friend is gay, and making out with her has made Debbie question her own sexuality. When Debbie tries to talk to Ian about it, he says that she’s just a “pillow princess.” Debbie thinks she’s at least bisexual, but Ian’s not buying that either.

The Alibi has been dubbed the “rapiest bar on the South Side.” Kev is appalled and vows the bar can’t be “rape-y” anymore. He starts handing out consent forms and refuses to serve Sex on the Beach.

Frank has spearheaded Mo White’s campaign for Congress. He says he’s fighting for the South Side’s survival, but he’s really just in it for the money. But Mo is not flawless. He’s actually a sexual offender and still on parole. Mo was with an underage girl back in the day. Frank manages to get everyone’s support for Mo back with his rousing speech about second chances. Only Frank.

Understandably, Fiona is pumped about her new limited partnership with the senior center. Ford isn’t that impressed and still thinks he’s going to get screwed over. He’s also very, very jealous of Max Whitford. Fiona and Ford (#snooze) get into a fight over Max, but when she comes home from her meeting, she finds him naked on their bed after following the trail of condoms. How romantic… NOT. When can Shameless bring back Jimmy/Steve/Jack? Please and thanks.

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