Lebanese-American comedian Nemr is front-and-center in “No Bombing in Beirut,” airing on Showtime, and will perform at the Gramercy Theatre (East 23rd Street) April 28.

Here are a few things he wants you to know about him:

  •  I was at the forefront of the comedy movement in the Middle East, and I saw how powerful it was in the face of the most terrifying odds.
  • My fans always humble me. When I made it on the cover of Rolling Stone Middle East and I posted it everybody commented how great it was that I visualize my goals and that one day I would definitely make it. They thought it was Photoshopped.
  • I think Raphael is the best Ninja Turtle. Everybody thinks I should love Michelangelo because he’s the funny one … but my favorite has always been Raphael. He has, hands down, the worst weapon in the group — he’s basically fighting with glorified forks.
  • The most miserable experience of my life was when, during a war in Lebanon in 2006 following a bombing raid on my town, the electricity cut out while I was playing “God of War” on the PlayStation and it corrupted my saved game. I was so far in I never replayed. It just wasn’t worth it and I’ve never really moved on. War truly destroys everything.

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