The six interior decorating tricks that will make your tiny bedroom look INSTANTLY larger – and they won’t cost you a fortune

  • The tips will transform any tiny bedroom and allow it to seem like a larger space
  • The list includes coordinating colours and using art pieces as a headboard 
  • The ‘hacks’ aim to help those who may not know how to redecorate a bedroom

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are wanting to redecorate your bedroom, organising a small room is always a challenging task.

But you can make a small space feel as though it’s bigger with the help of a few tricks.

The team behind lifestyle publication Bed Threads recently shared their tips to make a small bedroom feel bigger – including using art as a headboard and painting the walls in light colours.

From using art as a headboard to simply hanging up your clothes, the tips will certainly help maximise space in a small bedroom (stock image)

1. Use light colours for walls and varied colours for furnishings 

When decorating a bedroom, it’s essential to strategically plan what colour the walls are going to be against the furnishings.

Bed Threads recommend painting the walls, ceiling and window trims light shades to open up the room and fill the space with different-coloured furniture to ensure the room ins’t too minimalist in style.

‘When you’ve got white bedroom walls, a simple white bedside table will fade into the background and not present as a heavy visual block,’ expert Rory Carter said. 

This balancing act between not enough and too much white can make or break the style of the room. 

2. Colour coordination is the key

Similarly to using light shades on the walls, coordinating colours is another handy tip when planning a room that you want to look bigger.

Attempt to find varying tones through an assortment of rugs, furniture, artwork and decorative items that will draw attention to itself.  

‘If your bedroom is well-coordinated, your eye will naturally focus on that rather than any shortage of space,’ Rory said.  

3. Raise your bed to create additional space

The 16 decorating tips to make a small bedroom seem large 

1. Use light colours on walls and windows

2. Colour coordinate 

3. Raise your bed to create extra space

4. Buy a flatweave rug for texture

5. Use art pieces as a headboard

6. Mirror a window to reflect light 

7. Be weary of incorporating white furniture with white or light walls

8. Hang up your clothes 

9. Use simple bed linen for a minimal approach

10. Create height by raising curtains to the ceiling

11. Re-think your layout

12. Buy furniture with legs

13. Create a focal point 

14. Consider the visual interest 

15. Create simple styling 

16. Tidy up any mess

Raising your bed onto a high bed frame not only creates additional storage space for sheets and clothes, but the ground will also appear to be uncluttered.  

‘Chunky bed bases tend to be too heavy in smaller bedrooms and do you no favours,’ Rory explained. 

4. Buy a flatweave rug for texture and style

A rug is always a great addition to any bedroom, as they’re perfect during the colder months and are also a stylish feature. 

More specifically, a flatweave rug will stand out against a white-walled room and the fabric isn’t as bulky compared to other materials, such as faux fur.  

6. Use large art pieces as a headboard

To create a sleeker look when redecorating, replace an ordinary headboard with a set of art prints. 

This unique trick will create a focus point and allow the bedroom to seem taller and less cluttered if a large print is used. 

‘I replaced the headboard with a set of prints that had been sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used and my entire bedroom now feels taller and less cluttered,’ Rory said. 

Another creative trick to create the illusion of more space is to place a large mirror in a position where it will reflect light (stock image)

6. Mirror a window to reflect light 

Another unique way to create the illusion of more space is to place a large mirror in a position where it will reflect light.   

‘The best way to position a mirror is to place it on a wall opposite a window to create the effect of another opening,’ Rory said.  

This is a great tip if you have an extremely tiny room as it will feel and look like you have double the amount of space. 

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