A soldier who lay dead and unnoticed in his room for three weeks had felt bullied on 23 separate occasions.

LCpl Bernie Mongan was also allegedly threatened and mocked by some senior members of his chain of command while serving with the Intelligence Corps.

The Sunday Mirror has learned the 33-year-old Royal Signals NCO was twice reduced to tears and was left feeling “anxious and distressed” after reportedly being bullied.

He told colleagues he felt failed by his chain of command, believing superiors were “ignorant” of his mental state.

The Sunday Mirror has been given evidence that he had recorded 23 separate incidents in which he felt he was threatened, bullied and intimidated.

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LCpl Mongan, who was attached to the 1st Military Intelligence Battalion, was found dead on January 23. Police believe he died three weeks earlier.

He was also the victim of an alleged race hate attack when he was beaten up by seven soldiers because of his Irish accent.

He was knocked out trying to stop a woman being harassed by soldiers in a nightclub near Catterick Garrison, North Yorks.

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Dad-of-three Bernie was beaten unconscious and sustained a fractured eye socket in the October 2018 attack.

One source said: “Bernie was left very shaken up. He left work 20 minutes early to get back to his room while it was still light. His attackers were also on the same base and he felt threatened.

“But the response next day was, ‘You’re a grown man. Saying you left early because you didn’t want to walk back in the dark isn’t an excuse’.”

In April 2019 LCpl Mongan was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome but was allegedly told other soldiers thought he was lying about it.

By September he was feeling “stressed, anxious and pushed out”.

It can be revealed LCpl Mongan sought help from a battalion welfare unit and a coroner told his wife tests could not find the cause of his death.

Mum-of-three Beth, 30, said: “It’s another devastating blow for us. Bernie’s mum is struggling to come to terms with not having answers and is heartbroken.”

The Army said: “There is no record of any formal complaint made by LCpl Mongan of alleged bullying, harassment or discrimination. Investigations into his tragic death continue.”

Beth hopes a full level 2 inquest will uncover the facts. To help with legal fees go to crowdjustice.com/case/bernard-mongan.

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