It’s a week of starting new chapters in Neighbours, but they’re not all good ones. The day Mackenzie has been waiting for finally arrives while Emmett adjusts to life in his new school and he’s in for a terrible shock.

Roxy and Kyle are about to start their new journey, much to the chagrin of Sheila, while Harlow is facing a very dark new path indeed.

It’s a huge day for Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) as she finally gets her gender confirmation surgery. It’s the end of one long and arduous journey for her, and the start of a new chapter. Things are looking pretty bright for her right now!

But things look bad for Levi (Richie Morris) when he suffers a seizure, but things take a mysterious turn when he refuses to tell his family what happened. Why the big secret? And what is it Sheila (Colette Mann) knows but isn’t telling?

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) isn’t having a great time either when while doing a good deed for her boyfriend she finds herself facing jail time. She’s looking pretty guilty, how will she get out of this one?

Emmett (Ezra Justin) is facing more difficulties when he thinks he’s made some friends but with friends like these…He’s left in serious trouble, what will happen to him?

Elsewhere, Shaun (Brad Moller) has a huge question for Elly (Jodi Anasta) and Roxy (Zima Anderson) puts Kyle (Chris Milligan) on the spot.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Levi suffers horror seizure

Bea is horrified when Levi has a seizure in front of her and does her best to help him. When it subsides, she is shocked to learn his family has no idea that he has epilepsy.

Sheila later hints to Clive that Levi has been through some serious childhood trauma, but it’s too awful for her to reveal what. Is it linked to his epilepsy? Bea later confronts Levi, his condition could put people’s lives at risk, like Yashvi’s. Is she about to spill the beans to his family?

Emmett falls in with a bad crowd

As with most kids who’ve gone through an upheaval, Emmett is struggling with the change and in particular with the school work.

Shaun tries to help but during a break from their tutoring session Emmett bumps into a group of lads who invite him to hang out, and he’s so desperate for friends that he says yes.

But when it leads to a trashed classroom and Emmett confessing it was all him, has he fallen in with a bad crowd? The kids welcome him into their fold when they learn he covered for them, but will this only lead to worse things for Emmett?

Mackenzie’s gender confirmation surgery

It’s a momentous occasion for Mackenzie – she is finally about to have her gender confirmation surgery. It’s been a long hard journey to this place, and she is ecstatic to finally be here. Her friends are all there to support her and Richie is right there by her side – finally she can be her true self.

Harlow’s caught red-handed with drugs

Harlow finds out that Hendrix is planning a low-key 18th out of respect for her, but she knows that’s not really want he wants and plans a huge surprise party instead. When Hendrix walks in he’s gobsmacked and over the moon, and Harlow is thrilled it all pans out so well.

But things seem too good to be true as she starts to have a feeling something is up. And a bit of sniffing around confirms her suspicions – she discovers a bag rammed full of drugs. But before she can do anything about them, police raid the party and catch her red handed. She’s hauled off for a night in the cells and facing being charged with a crime she didn’t commit.

Roxy and Kyle are official

Roxy is absolutely fed up to the back teeth of Kyle being so hot and cold, so she decides to put him on the spot. He admits he has feelings for her so she suggests they give things ago.

And that means him coming clean with Sheila. In a bid to help the two get on Kyle forces them to fill in for him at The Tram, but his plan backfires. Will Kyle be forced to choose between his girl and his gran?

Shaun has a big proposal for Elly

Elly joins a mother’s group and is pleased to be making friends and to be back to a normal life. But things take a turn when she realises they’ve all read Olivia’s book and want all the gossip on Finn.

They blindside her with difficult questions and Elly is confronted. But how will the group react to her answers? Shaun is sad to see Elly upset after the run-in at the mother’s group and creates his own little support group for her. It leads to Elly kissing him, and it’s clear the two have a seriously strong connection. So he asks her a big question…

Scenes air from Monday 20th July on Channel 5.

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