Teen Vogue tweet advising young readers how to ‘get your best summer vagina ever’ is mocked for suggesting women’s intimate parts change with the seasons

  • Young fashion bible published an article on caring for your genitals in summer
  • Unfortunately many readers joked they didn’t know there were different seasons
  • People to social media to mock the headline adding that the content was helpful

Teen Vogue has come under fire from social media for telling its young readers how to get their ‘summer vagina ready’.

The sister publication of the fashion bible, whose target audience is teen girls, published the article on vaginal health explaining that ‘the unique elements of summer – water, sunshine, sand, sweat – can be tricky to navigate’.

However the article’s headline ‘How to get your best summer vagina ever’ was quickly ridiculed by people who joked they didn’t know their genitals changed each season.

The US Teen Vogue article stated: ‘While you might think there’s little difference in the TLC she gets every other season, ob-gyns note that summer is especially important to pay attention to any symptoms, changes, and funkiness you notice south of the border.’

The article suggests that wet bathing suits, going camping or hiking, sunbathing naked, sand, outdoor workouts, frequent travel, and ‘summer loving’ are all things to be concerned about regarding vaginal health.

Teen Vogue published an article on vaginal health in the summer, however the tone of the headline came under fire

Many social media users quickly began mocking the headline for implying that there were different seasons for the genitals

‘Oh good I’ve been stuck in Spring mode,’ joked one as another added ‘Wait?! My winter vagina won’t work?!’

‘How did my vagina ever survive the summers before this article?’ mocked another.  

One said: ‘Wait, I need a summer vagina now? I didn’t know I was supposed to be switching them out with the seasons. I just can’t keep up with fashion.’  

Ob-gyn and author Dr Sherry A. Ross advised that the heat of the summer ‘can make your vagina drier, causing it to be sensitive and temperamental’. 

Some users jumped to the defence of the article praising it for discussing the topic adding that it was ‘poorly titled’

The author Lindsay Tigar joked that by adding a moist bathing suit, ‘she just might have a vaginal panic attack’.

While some people praised the piece for openly talking discussing the topic, many suggested that the ‘vagina was not that precarious’.

British author and journalist Sophie Heawood declared: ‘Oh go f*** yourselves Teen Vogue. Run wild, run free, teenage vaginas!’

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