German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic and the Swiss furniture company Vitra have unveiled the Citizen Chair, Grcic’s latest seating innovation that draws upon a rich history of iconic designs while offering “a surprising new way of sitting.”

At first glance, the Citizen Chair is unassuming — a slightly awkward desk or office chair at most. However, it has been designed to work in many places both inside an office or in a more domestic setting, and its unique shape has been thoughtfully developed to be as ergonomic as possible for times when we are all sitting down a lot more often.

The seat of the Citizen Chair is suspended by three cables affixed to a steel frame that gives the chair the ability to swing as if its in suspension. A cantilevered structural frame is mounted to a swivel base for more freedom, while a semicircular contoured backrest ergonomically hugs the body. 

Influences are drawn from The BKF Chair, aka the butterfly chair, as well as the Karuselli Lounge Chair, which inspired the way the Citizen Chair is suspended in the metal frame and how the chair works in terms of movement and freedom. 

The Citizen Chair is available in a Highback version or a Lowback version, and both can be upholstered in an array of different fabrics or colors. Take a look at the Citizen Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra in the gallery above, and head over to Vitra’s website now to order yours. The Lowback costs from $3,345 USD, while the Highback retails from $4,415 USD.

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