When you’re surrounded by the wreck that was your own life — and your own apartment — don’t despair: The New Regime is here to say how “it’s gonna be ok’ with the new, time-twisting video for their inspirational song.

As the sun sets on 2019, it’s hard not to believe that the coming year (and decade) is going to be one full of chaos and misery. Economic uncertainty is rising, along with global temperatures, and 2020 is an election year! It’s enough to make someone scream, but The New Regime is here to help. The project – featuring Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails and Angels & Airwaves who also has worked with Paramore, Beck, and M83 —  has released the music video for its song, “It’s Gonna Be OK,” and it couldn’t have come at a better moment.

In the time-reversed video, that HollywoodLife has the pleasure of premiering today (Dec. 11), an unnamed woman unintentionally puts her life back together after destroying it in a moment of emotional fury. As she tears her life down – metaphorically and literally – Ilan serenades her, reminding her that despite everything that’s going on, it’s gonna be OK. Even when she draws out a knife and contemplates doing the worst, he’s there as a guiding light out of the darkness.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to the uplifting anthem. From the get-go, “It’s Gonna Be OK” is a sweeping, cinematic song that was written for the climax of the movie that is your life. From the opening drums to the stomping piano notes, it’s impossible to not feel a glimmer of hope while listening to this track. “It’s Gonna Be OK” is a positive song, lyrically, and is all about keeping your chin up when things are looking down,” Ilan Rubin tells HollywoodLife. “Musically, it has a cool shuffle feel and lot of Brian Wilson-esque harmonies in the choruses and outro.”

“I love the constant change in mood from light to dark throughout the entire song,” he adds. The song opens up Mind, the second installment of The New Regime’s full-length album Heart Mind Body & Soul. Mind is full of songs that “deal with the ups, downs, and many things in between one can feel mentally,” said Ilan. “There are moments of positivity, isolation, questioned loyalty, and lost patience within these four songs, all on top of music that is as is as diverse as the emotions themselves.”

Mind seemingly melds all of Ilan’s influences and experiences. “Do Right By Me” is the kind banger that should make Fall Out Boy and Weezer envious. “Knocking Down Your Door” is a rock classic in the making, while “Sweet Kind Of Suffering” sounds like it was plucked from the dreams of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan. If 2020 holds the promise of the conclusion of the Heart Mind Body & Soul series, then it really is gonna be okay, after all.

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