When that’s somebody that you know — when that’s your neighbor or that’s your kid’s teacher or your baseball coach — and it’s within a small community, it’s a significant loss. We need to be able to take care of them.

You don’t want to be stuck in a position where you’re trying to handle things that you can’t, whether it be not having enough PPE or not knowing how to take care of a patient on a ventilator. That’s one thing that absolutely terrifies me now, is the risk of [being drafted to the ERs and ICUs]. It’s been since nursing school, like eight years ago, that I’ve had to deal with a patient on a vent. So you’d be kind of throwing me to the wolves there if that was my new reality.

My message for others is to stay the F home. If they feel the need to get out of their house, that they can go and drive past any local ER that has all the tents set up to house all the people that they can’t fit in the hospital. That’s something that has not happened in our time. But this is my job. This is what we do and we’re going to keep showing up.

  • As told to Joelle Goldstein


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