Swaggy C. was one of the first ones eliminated on Big Brother 20, and yet he’s made a lasting impression — mostly for his big finale moment where he proposed to Bayleigh on live TV. Now, still happily engaged, Bayleigh and Swaggy are planning a Big Brother wedding — and so many franchise stars are going to be invited.

Us Weekly reported that Swayleigh (that’s their couple name) is planning a September wedding, and they are still making their mind up on many of the decisions like the location, etc. The outlet reported that they’ve been looking at venues in the northeast and also in the Caribbean.

The pair is probably glad to focus on happier things now, since the beginning of their relationship was a little more challenging. After the show ended, Bay and Swaggy posted a video to YouTube where they revealed that Bay had conceived a baby in the Big Brother house, but that she miscarried in the Jury House later that season.

"It would have been a blessing, and we were both really excited when we found out," Bay said of the pregnancy. "And we were both, really, really upset when we found out we lost it," she said. Ultimately, though, Swaggy said the experience brought them closer together.

"People keep saying I’m proposing because she got pregnant, and that’s not the case at all," Swaggy said in the video, adding:

Now the couple is focusing their energies on wedding planning, and they recently posted a YouTube video with a bunch of details about their ceremony. They revealed that their wedding hashtag will be "#MeetTheSwaggys," which is one of very few things that they’ve mutually agreed on. Swaggy wants to invite fewer people and have fewer groomsmen, but Bayleigh feels the opposite. She also wants to get married in Kansas City, whereas Swaggy said anywhere but Kansas City. (That’s where they currently live, so Swaggy said he just wants a change of pace.)

Both of them do agree that they want it to be a luxe affair, though. Bayleigh described her aesthetic as dramatic and glamorous, and Swaggy was insistent that he wants to be "swagged out" for the big day — not just wearing a black tux. Another thing they agree on? The Big Brother guest list. They rattled off some of the names of who they’ll invite, including Jess and Cody Nickson from Season 19, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Season 12, Ika Wong and Demetres Giannitsos from Big Brother Canada, and — from Season 20 — Scottie, Kaitlyn, Steve, and Rockstar. Swaggy even asked Scottie to be his groomsman. Oh, and the couple wants Robyn Kass, the Big Brother casting director to officiate. After all, without her they never would have met one another.

Swaggy and Bayleigh didn’t always have an easy time in the house or out of it, but they have each other and an exciting new chapter of their lives to look forward to. Now they just have to get sort of on the same page about some key wedding details before they make this relationship a forever thing.

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