If Taylor Swift’s new music video proves one thing, it’s that if she were a man, she’d still be sneakily incorporating hints and references for fans to hunt down. Taylor Swift’s new "The Man" music video is filled with Easter eggs, including cameos from some familiar faces (and voices), references to Oscar-nominated films, and even jabs at Scooter Braun. It’s another treasure hunt for Swifties, and they’re already in detective mode.

In the singer’s first self-directed video, viewers are introduced to her male alter-ego, Tyler Swift, otherwise known as "The Man." And man, what a piece of work he is. The singer called out huge double standards between men and women by actually depicting what men can get away with, and she held nothing back. Tyler yells at his co-workers, hangs with dozens of models on yachts, and throws a “man-trum” at the tennis court. Of course, he gets away with everything, and receives praise for doing the bare minimum — the embodiment of white male privilege.

Although Tyler Swift seems like an absolute killjoy to be around, Taylor Swift aced this video, filling it with subtle references to everything from her masters situation to the misogynistic judgments that have plagued her career from day one. Read on to see the Easter eggs that you might have missed on your first view.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scott Swift

Scott Swiff, Taylor’s father, makes a hilarious cameo as the tennis referee who is the victim of Tyler’s court-side meltdown. Now that’s a good excuse to flip off your dad.

"Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince"

A passenger on the subway is seen wearing a "Miss American and the Heartbreak Prince" sweater, a nod to the standout Lover track. And some fans, like @LeslieRivas09, are thinking that this could this be Swift’s way of revealing that it will be the next single from the album.

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