The process of eating an avocado is filled with highs and lows.

Pure joy comes from seeing that an avocado is perfectly ripe when you cut into it. 

But those who find a whole one is too much for them (and so wrap the uneaten half up and put it in the fridge) are often left heartbroken when they come back to their stoned fruit to find it’s gone brown.

Thankfully, a TikTok user has come up with a brilliant hack which stops avocado halves from spoiling and it couldn’t be simpler.

The video, from user @KMag1, has been shared more than 80,000 times.

In the clip, she says: ‘This will be my greatest contribution to TikTok, so are you ready?

‘It’s not a dance, it’s not a perfect lip sync, it’s not the words popping up, you ready?

‘How to save half an avocado…’

Wait for it. It WORKS. #food #health #notachef #lifehack #foodhack #foryoupage #over30 #avocado #single

She holds up her avocado half and then places into a small container with a little bit of water in the bottom.

To prove that the hack really works, @KMag1 posted a follow-up video 24 hours later, after she takes the fruit out of the fridge.

She shows the lovely-looking avocado to the camera saying: ‘It’s perfectly green. It is a little water-logged but I just pat it dry and it gets all that off.’

Yay for omegas! 🥑🥑🥑 #avocado #foodhack #omegas #notachef #fyp #foryoupage

Naturally, people on TikTok have been left astonished by the revelation.

One person replied to the video: ‘Of course, because the air can’t get to it. Genius.’

While another said: ‘My mind is blown! This is a constant struggle and I’ve tried everything.’

Another commented: ‘This is the only information I have ever needed.’

But lots of people were quick to point out they actually eat a whole avocado in one sitting, so this is never a problem.

One person added: ‘Who has the willpower to only eat half?’

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