Decorating a room can quickly go wrong if you spill some paint. Getting the stuff out of a carpet is notoriously tough.

But one woman has revealed the hack she uses to get it clean again.

After her husband came up with the method during a decorating disaster, Kaytee Haas was so confident in the trick, she got her him to pour more paint on the carpet just to show it off on TikTok.

Although it isn’t something you’ll need everyday, Kaytee wanted to share because when it does happen, you need to work quickly as the paint is easier to remove before it dries in.

She said: ‘You might have to save this. You might not use this today or tomorrow but I never thought I would need this until about a week ago.

‘When this happened to me in our brand new house. I got paint on the floor and I literally was going to cry. I thought we were going to have to throw the whole house away!

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‘My husband came up with this whole idea – and if you don’t have a carpet cleaner, this is for you.’

They started by getting rid of the extra paint using a wall scaper, dropping it onto a covered area so they could put it in the bin.

Then, working quickly, her husband poured some hot water on the leftover paint and vacuumed it. They kept repeating the process and eventually the stain was gone.

Despite the relief the carpet was clean, the couple decided to risk doing it again so they could share it with others.

But she showed that her carpet was completely clean at the end.

The video has had over 885,000 views and people loved the idea.

One said: ‘Love it. The key to cleaning up paint is to never let it dry.’

Adding a few more tips some people said that sadly it won’t work if the paint isn’t water-soluble and Kaytee said to make sure you remove your vacuum filter to prevent it getting clogged up.

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