T.I. revealed he met up with Kanye West to understand his support of Donald Trump, and it’s won him some major brownie points with his wife Tiny. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why T.I. political passion is a huge turn on!

Kanye West’s profession of “love” for Donald Trump has celebrities coming out the woodwork to express their disappointment and disapproval. From John Legend, Snoop Dog, to T.I. the list goes on. However, T.I.’s stance has had a major effect on his wife Tiny. On April 27 the “Live Your Life” rapper revealed he met with Kanye to discuss politics in a post that read, “Yesterday spent the day wit Kanye… long term work in progress, no doubt. Still optimistic something from our discussion gon stick… I refuse to give up on him. The Old Ye’ too important,” and Tiny is living for it. “Tiny is impressed by how compassionate and level headed Tip is being when it comes to Kanye,” a source close to the Xscap3  member tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY

“So many people in their world have turned on Kanye and are totally writing him off. But, Tip is walking his talk and making a huge effort to try and change his views instead of just giving up on him. Tiny could not love Tip more right now, this whole situation with Kanye is bonding them even more,” our source continued. Nothing’s more attractive than a compassionate man! “She’s so proud and inspired. He’s genuinely concerned for Kanye and the country. It’s a sexy turn on when she sees him passionately take action to help a friend and try to make a difference in the world too,” our source added. Is it too early to say T.I. 2020?

“Tiny’s also incredibly relieved that she and Tip are on the same page politically, she can’t imagine how hard this is for Kim [Kardashian] right now, she feels for her. More than anything Tiny is proud of her husband though, this is just more proof she made the right choice by staying with him,” the insider continued. Who knew getting involved with politics was the key to a successful marriage?!

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